Need-Based Scholarships for International Students

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Do you intend to study in another country? There are dozens of scholarship possibilities available, with some of them open to students from all over the world. Students with a strong academic record are eligible for the scholarship.

Answers to the following questions can be found in this article:

What is a Scholarship?

The scholarship is a grant to support student education by colleges, universities, and private, public organizations.

What is the merit-based scholarship?

Although it can inform leadership, athletic, and creative qualities, the merit-based scholarship program is predicated on academic performance. It is one of the programs that provides a fully financed scholarship as well as assistance with other expenses. Merit-based scholarships might also come from a non-profit organization, a private or public university, or a college.

What is the need-based scholarship?

Need-based scholarships are for students who are financially capable of paying their studies; they are for individuals from a low-income background, and they will meet a financial need.

What are the Differences between Scholarship and Grants?

They are both different. Grants can be given to students on a need-based, while scholarships are based on student performance, achievements and more.

How can you apply for a Scholarship?

It is easy, and once you have the required document, you can apply via your choice of the school website.

1.         Create and complete an online application form.

2.         Write a personal statement or essay. (If the institution requests for it).

3.         Get official proof of your academic, athletic, leadership, artistic achievements.

4.         Get official proof of your low income or nationality.

5.         Wait for a mail-in in your inbox or through any form of communication. If selected, congratulation!

What are the differences between In-state and out-state tuition fees?

In-state tuition refers to students who have a permanent address in the state and wish to study there. Students from outside the state or international students who want to attend a public state school pay out-of-state tuition. Out-of-state tuition is more expensive than in-state tuition.

How do I avoid out-of-state tuition fees?

•           You can seek waivers.

•           You can send mail to the financial aid office.

•           If you are a resident of the state

•           If you attend a state school or your parent are military members, you can attend a state school at the in-state tuition cost.

What types of need-based scholarships are out there?

USA Government Scholarships for International Students

Foreign Fulbright Student Program:

One of the well-known scholarship programs is the Foreign Fulbright Scholarship Program. It provides fully paid and partially subsidized scholarships to international students pursuing a Master’s or PhD degree. Scholarships for non-degree postgraduate study are also available. Tuition, textbooks, travel, a living allowance, and health insurance are all covered by the scholarship.

Humphrey Fellowship Program.

Commonwealth Scholarship program.

U.S. Colleges and Universities that offer Scholarships for International Students

•           Amherst College Scholarships

Amherst College currently runs a need-based financial aid program that assists financially needy international students. Amherst College is one of the top colleges in the united states that offer a fully funded scholarship to domestic and international candidates. The merit-based scholarship at Amherst college is strictly for the best and deserving candidates.

•           Harvard University Scholarships

Harvard University is one of the top universities in the world, the university is full of rich history, and Harvard receives tons of admission every year. Harvard University offers a range of international scholarships for students from different countries.

•           University of Minnesota International Scholarships

The University of Minnesota is one of the prestigious universities in the United States, and it has over 400,000 alumni around the world. It homes to more than 50,000 students. The university offers numerous scholarships for international students.  The Global Excellence Scholarship is one of the popular scholarship programs at the University of Minnesota, worth $15,000 or $25,000 per year.

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•           Berea College Scholarships

Berea College is the only school in the United States that provides 100% funding to 100% of enrolled international students for the first year of enrollment. This combination of financial aid and scholarships offsets the costs of tuition, room, board, and fees. In subsequent years, international students are accepted to save $1,000(U.S.) per year to contribute toward their expenses. The college does provide summer jobs to international students so that they may meet this obligation.

•           Clark University Scholarships

Clark University offers the Clark Global Scholars Program, which is open to first-year applicants [not transfer student] who has attended school overseas for at least four years and international citizens attending school in the United States. A scholarship of $15,000 to $25,000 per year (for four years, contingent upon meeting academic standards for renewal) and a guaranteed $2,500 taxable stipend for a paid internship or research assistantship taken for academic credit during the summer following your sophomore or junior year is included with the award.

•           Dartmouth College Scholarships

Dartmouth College is one of the top colleges in the United States. Dartmouth College has scholarships and loans available to international students, including an allowance for travel to the U.S.

•           East Tennessee State University

East Tennessee State University (ETSU) offers scholarships to International Students based on academics. Merit Scholarship is available to all international students seeking a graduate or undergraduate degree. The scholarship value per academic year is $12,500 for Undergraduate students and $11,500 for Graduate students.

•           Emory College Scholarships

Emory College offers grants and scholarships to just admitted candidates based on academic merit and more. If you choose Emory college, you can apply for some other scholarships program available at the college; some are partial funding, merit-based scholarships.

•           Illinois Wesleyan University Scholarships

Merit-based scholarships are offered to qualified international applicants with a good performance in the entrance exam. These awards range from $15,000 to $30,000 per year and are renewable for four years.

•           Michigan State University International Scholarships

Michigan University provides a limited number of scholarships and grants to deserving international students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

•           New York University Wagner Scholarships

The merit scholarships are offered to candidates with a good academic record, including international students. The scholarships are partial to full-tuition scholarships, valued at $25,000-$47 0000.

•           University of Oregon Scholarships

The University of Oregon has numerous scholarship programs for both domestic and international students. One of the popular scholarship programs is the international cultural service program (ICSP), which is valued at $9,000 to $35,000 per year.

•        University of West Scholarships

The University of the West offers scholarships to domestic and international students who achieve a good academic record. The President’s and Dean’s scholarships are the popular scholarship program at the University of West. These Scholarships will cover the full cost of tuition fees for undergraduate and graduate candidates.

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