Germany Scholarship for International Students

This article is on Germany scholarships for international students. Germany, known as the Land of Poets and Thinkers in Western Europe, has become a popular destination for international students seeking an international education. Studying in Germany combines top-tier academic institutions with the draw of a friendly cosmopolitan society and the opportunity to learn from global industrial behemoths.

In comparison to other nations such as the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States, German universities provide ecumenically prestigious curricula at a reasonably inexpensive cost. There are numerous scholarships available that allow international students to study in Germany for free.

Tuition fees for undergraduate courses have been removed at all German public universities from October 2014. This means that both domestic and international undergraduate students can study for free at German public universities. The German state of Baden-Wurttemberg is an outlier, with a non-European student tuition charge of £1500 per semester, one of the lowest in Europe.

It’s worth noting that students pay a contribution/administration fee of around 250 Euros per semester. Apart from the fact that most German institutions have low or no tuition rates, they also offer international students scholarships. Let’s take a look at some of Germany’s most popular international student scholarships.

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Deutschland Stipendium National Scholarship

The Deutschland stipendium (roughly “German Grant”) was offered by the German Federal Government in collaboration with private funding to provide students with an outstanding academic expectation. The funds are distributed equally among institutions, with each institution contributing 1.5 percent of its students.
In 2018, almost 27,000 students received a Deutschland stipendium, totaling £28 million in layout funding. For overseas students, though, it is the best option.

Your university will process your application and must approve you for a grant. Inquire with the administrative office, as practically every German university is involved. If accepted, students will receive a £300 monthly stipend, which may be used for as little as two sessions or as much as a full semester of study abroad in Germany.

DAAD Scholarships

The German Academic Cooperation Service (DAAD) is a cooperative organization of Germany’s higher education institutions that promotes international academic exchange through the exchange of students, academics, and researchers. This fellowship is for international students, scientists, and graduate students who need financial assistance to continue their studies.

Over 140,000 scholars are supported by DAAD’s Scholarships program, which is the organization’s cornerstone. They are most exclusive for higher masters or Ph.D. studies, not bachelor’s or other qualifications, and have a capital of £522 million. Scholarships are available through one of DAAD’s 365 member institutes and encompass areas as diverse as linguistics, musical performance, and chemical engineering.

The DAAD scholarship standards are not tough to meet; applicants must be in their final year of study or have a bachelor’s degree finished. Although there is a time constraint between finishing your bachelor’s research and applying for a DAAD award, there is no maximum age. There are no exceptions to the rule of applying for DAAD scholarships early to ensure the best outcomes, but there are a few critical dates to keep in mind.

Non-Government Scholarships

There are a non-government scholarship like, The Heinrich Böll -Stiftung Scholarship, The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Scholarship and others.

A. The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship
The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung offers scholarships to both Germans and international students who intend to pursue Bachelors, Masters, or Post-graduate studies in any topic at German universities or technical institutes.
Young talents who wish to further their personal growth and be among the best in their profession are supported by the Foundation. The Foundation is looking for people that are passionate about achieving social and political goals.
B. The Heinrich Böll -Stiftung Scholarship
The Heinrich Böll Foundation offers scholarships to international students who earned their university diploma from a school outside of Germany and intend to pursue a Masters or Ph.D. in Germany.
The scholarships are for master’s or doctoral degrees in any topic offered in German state or state-recognized universities.

Erasmus+ For European Students

Since its inception in 1987, Erasmus+ and Erasmus Mundus have assisted over 3 million students in achieving their academic objectives, and it has continued to grow, becoming ‘Erasmus+’ in 2014. As a grant-giving program that was funded entirely by EU member states. It makes money available for international students at German institutions to participate in one-year exchange programs. Students, youth, lifelong learning systems, and industry-related job placement are now all part of the improved structure, vastly expanding the range of opportunities for recipients.

The Erasmus+ scholarship is ranked #68 on in the year 2021, with a total of 870 applications. In Germany, Erasmus+ offers a wide selection of scholarships, although they are not open to everyone. You’ll need to be enrolled in a higher education program to get started. Furthermore, all participating institutions must have signed the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. For EU students, the requirements are less stringent, and most universities participate in the Erasmus program. It’s a resource worth looking into, with grants covering travel, basic living expenses, and enrollment.


Germany is one of the few nations in Europe where you can study for free, and there are a variety of options for funding your undergraduate or post-graduate studies there. For information on how to apply for these scholarships, go to the official website l

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