20 Alternative Jobs For Teachers

20 Alternative Jobs For Teachers In 2022

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Teaching is a wonderful profession as it cuts across all facets of life. However, not all teachers remain formal teachers forever. They tend to use their teaching skills in a different context.

In this piece put together by the World Scholarship Forum, you’ll find a list of alternative jobs for teachers who are looking to phase out of the teaching profession and use their skills in a different field. Keep reading!

The best jobs for ex-teachers depend on your peculiar interests and your skills. When it comes to organizations or individuals that hire teachers, you will find that a variety of options become available.

Therefore, organizational and leadership skills may be particularly useful for start-up businesses. This is because a company must have the information organized and maintained to keep projects on track.

On the other hand, strong interpersonal skills are valuable for careers in nonprofit and corporate life.

When hunting for jobs for teachers outside of education, you discover that your teamwork and project management skills play a critical role in your opportunities.

That being said, this post will carefully list the top 20 alternative jobs for teachers.

Who Is A Teacher?

According to Wikipedia, a teacher is a person who helps students to acquire knowledge, competence, or virtue. In addition, the job of a teacher is one that requires a certain level of qualification and competency.

Furthermore, a teacher’s professional duties may extend beyond formal teaching. Outside of the classroom affairs, teachers may accompany students on field trips, supervise study halls. They can also help with the organization of school functions, and serve as supervisors for extracurricular activities.

What Are The Competencies And Qualities Required Of A Teacher?

As a teacher, there are certain traits and qualities required. These competencies and qualities are what define the teacher, reflect in the teaching rendition, and thus leaves the desired impact.

A teacher is expected to;

  • Be a manager of instruction.
  • The teacher is expected to be a caring person.
  • Ability to work with others.
  • Work with knowledge, technology, and information.
  • Also, be able to work in and with society

What Are The Qualities Of A Teacher?

Among all, a teacher is expected to possess the following peculiar qualities;


It has been observed that teachers who showed enthusiasm towards the course materials and students can create a positive learning experience.

Teachers that exhibit enthusiasm are more likely to have engaged, interested and energetic students who are curious about learning the subject matter.

Recent research has found a correlation between teacher enthusiasm and students’ intrinsic motivation to learn and vitality in the classroom.

Therefore,an enthusiastic teacher is a great teacher.

Good student to teacher relationship:

According to research, student motivation and attitudes towards school are greatly associated with student-teacher relationships.

That is to say, if a teacher builds a great and interactive relationship with the learners, the drive and urge to learn will be great on the path of the students.

Furthermore, a teacher’s ability to create effective learning environments that foster student achievement depends on the kind of relationship they build with their students.

How Do I Switch Careers As A Teacher?

People tend to leave the teaching profession for various reasons best know to them which ranges from poor welfare and remuneration packages, the stress involved, and a slight change in life goal and ambition.

Before you consider switching careers from teaching to alternative jobs, you have to, first of all;

  • Determine that it is the best option for you.
  • Have a clear plan of what you intend to do afterward.
  • Provide notice of your intention to quit.
  • Finally, inform coworkers and students about your decision to quit.

Note, before you think of switching your teaching jobs, it’s greatly important that you look out for alternative jobs for teachers.

20 Alternative Jobs For Teachers

The jobs listed below were selected based on their functionalities and earnings.

Childcare worker

National Average Salary: $23,240

Primary Duties:

Childcare workers get to spend their days with children but do not have to concern themselves with the meetings, grading, and paperwork that can consume teachers.

They may be responsible for one or more children in a private home or daycare setting. Also, they may work alone or with other professionals. They are charged with the responsibility of taking care of children.

Personal trainer

National Average Salary: $39,210

Primary Duties:

One of the most essential parts of teaching is motivating students. This skill will change wonderfully into the field of personal training.

Personal trainers have an enthusiasm for physical fitness and they use that passion to teach and spur their clients. They help their clients understand how the body responds to exercise and diet.

To advance in the field quickly, you’ll want to gain your personal trainer certification. This is an unequivocal profession for physical education teachers to explore, but anyone who has coached might find that they have an interest in this field.

Substance abuse counselor

National Average Salary: $41,070

Primary Duties:

Substance abuse counselors are focused on helping people. Their profession involves supervising people as they work to recover from drug addiction, alcoholism, and other addictions.

Like education, you can usually find entry-level positions with just a bachelor’s degree, but to move further you will probably need to get approved in the field as a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADAC) and/or earn a master’s degree.

Museum curator

National Average Salary: $47,360

Primary duties:

Museums are places of learning, so a direct fit for former educators. A museum curator procures stores and exhibits art.

A teaching background will help you organize displays, events, and shows that will benefit and engage your intended audience. It may also help you predict what other materials would be necessary to further educate your visitors and curate your museum’s collection.

Additionally, you might find that volunteering at a museum is a good way to stay involved with your community if you have recently retired from teaching.

 Event planner

National Average Salary: $49,370

Primary Duties:

Event planners plan and coordinate all aspects of events, such as weddings, meetings, and conventions. They are in charge of regulating locations, transportation, meals, and more.

For teachers who used to love planning field trips and assemblies, this might be the perfect switch.

Museum archivist

National Average salary : $52,358

Primary Duties:

Museum archivists are important members of museum teams. They find, collect, authenticate and appraise ancient documents and other museum materials.

Also, they organize, classify, and preserve materials so that they are easy to search through. They are also leaders in the museum who guide workers to help arrange and exhibit collections.

 School and career counselor

National Average Salary: $54,560

Primary Duties:

While school counselors fundamentally work in schools, career counselors work also in colleges, government agencies, career centers, non-profits, and private companies.

They help people decide on what they would like to do in the future and what education and skills they will need in order to get those jobs.

Wholesale sales representative

National Average Salary: $57,906

Primary Duties:

A wholesale sales representative is an entry-level sales personnel who sells goods to businesses and organizations.

Teaching skills, like the ability to relate with different kinds of people and the ability to interpret information in a clear and concise manner, translate well into this field.

Human resource specialist

National Average Salary: $59,180

Primary Duties:

Human resource specialists use many of the interpersonal skills that teachers use to strongly complete their jobs. They are responsible for recruiting, hiring, and preparing new staff for companies.

Your teaching skills and ability to work with a variety of different learners will make it easier for you to favourably plan and implement the training of new employees.

 Respiratory therapist

National Average Salary: $60,240

Primary Duties:

Respiratory therapists work with people who have difficulty breathing. Their patients may range from children to the elderly, so it’s a good opportunity for a former teacher who loves helping people.

However, you can also begin to transition to the field with an associate’s degree, so former teachers might find it’s an easier switch than enter other professions.

Radiological technologist

National Average Salary: $29.40 per hour

Primary Duties:

Radiological technologists capture the images used for medical diagnoses, such as X-rays and MRIs. They need strong interpersonal skills because they are often operating with people during challenging times. They need to describe the procedures to be followed during imaging scans.

Teachers might often find that they are using the same people skills they used while teaching to educate patients.


National Average Salary: $60,588

Primary Duties:

Many teaching specializations require strong writing skills, many teachers find that this job is a natural fit if they leave the teaching profession.

Writers can find regular work in the fields of advertising, magazines, newspapers, copywriting, and more. This profession will also give you the opportunity to work remotely or to do freelance work.

Life coach

National Average Salary: $61,900

Primary Duties:

Life coaching more like teaching in the sense that your goal is to help students find their strengths, change habits that may be holding them back, recognize their goals, and then work towards them.

What is different about life coaching is that you might not be doing your work in a classroom setting.

Instructional coordinator

National Average Salary: $62,460

Primary Duties:

Instructional coordinators are leadership roles in education. They are responsible for managing and developing curriculums and teaching practices.

Furthermore, they evaluate the effectiveness of programs.

This work is greatly enhanced by previous hands-on teaching experience. You will seemingly need to get a master’s in curriculum and instruction or educational leadership to pursue this option.

Personal financial advisor

National Average Salary: $67,414

Primary Duties:

Personal financial advisors work with individuals to help them make sound monetary decisions. They meet with families and instruct them about their investment options. Teachers with good economic and financial knowledge will be a good fit.

Dental hygienist

National Average Salary: $74,820

Primary Duties:

Dental hygienists with experience in education will find that they can use their teaching skills when educating patients about proper oral care.

However, dental hygienists are also responsible for cleaning teeth and taking x-rays. They work closely with dentists to evaluate and care for the oral health of their patients.


National Average salary: $75,230

To work in this career, you’ll have to pursue more education. Once complete, however, you’ll have the skills that allow you to study cognitive and emotional processes in people.

Many psychologists work individually while some will work as part of a healthcare team. Best of all, the career has an expected job growth of 19%, meaning you can count on an in-demand career when you complete a psychology degree.

Postsecondary educator

National Average Salary: $75,430

Primary Duties:

Postsecondary teachers work in community colleges, colleges, and universities. They might provide instruction or conduct and publish research.

A master’s degree is often enough to work at the community college level, but a doctoral degree will be essential to advance in this field.

In addition, former teachers may also work in admission, academic advising, transcript evaluation, or in the registrar’s office of colleges and universities.

Training & Development Manager

National Average Salary: $105,830

There are obvious correlations between a school teacher and a training and development manager. Both are focused on giving another person the skills they need for long-term success.

However, a training manager is guided by the goals of a specific organization, usually a for-profit company.

Best of all, if you quit teaching, you can work this job with a bachelor’s degree, although industry experience will be required. This career also has medium job growth at 7%.

Sales Manager

National Average Salary: $117,960

While this career only requires a bachelor’s degree, you’ll need a lengthy amount of experience in the field before you can become a sales manager.

In most cases, you’ll need to work in sales positions, such as manufacturing sales, insurance sales, or advertising sales.

Sales managers guide the sales efforts of teams, both large and small, in a wide variety of industries. Job growth is satisfactory, at 5% between 2014 and 2024.


The desire to switch from a teaching job to another can be ideal and is solely dependent on the individual. However, good knowledge and a road map are highly needed to prevent regrets.

FAQs Alternative Jobs For Teachers In 2022

Who is a teacher?

A teacher is a person who helps students to acquire knowledge, competence, or virtue.

Can a teacher work as a sales manager?

Yes, a teacher can work as a sales manager.

What other jobs can career teachers do aside teaching?

Teachers who decide to diversify or leave the teaching career can decide to work as a counselor, sales representative, training and development manager among other jobs in the loop.


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