Collin College Reviews| Admissions, Tuition, Ranking, and Scholarships

Collin College Reviews 2022| Admissions, Tuition, Ranking, and Scholarships

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Collin College is an equal opportunity university that offers students a variety of learning opportunities regardless of their interests.

In this guide, we’ll give you a comprehensive overview of Collin College, including all you need to know about the school, from entrance requirements to financial aid options for both domestic and international students. Take your time to read everything.

About Collin College

Collin College is a Collin County, Texas community college district. Collin College’s formal service area is established by the Texas Legislature to include all of Collin and Rockwall counties, as well as portions of Denton county inside the cities of Frisco and The Colony, and portions of the Celina and Prosper school districts. The district, which was established in 1985, has grown in lockstep with the county, from 5,000 students in 1986 to over 58,000 credit and non-credit students today.

After being known as the Collin County Community College District, or CCCCD, the Collin County Community College District, or CCCC, was renamed “Collin College” in March 2007. The district’s headquarters are located at Collin Higher Education.

Collin County Community College is a student community dedicated to helping students acquire skills, build their character, and challenge their intellect.

Collin achieves its objective by providing students with academic courses in the arts and sciences, as well as programs leading to bachelor, associate, or any other certificate, through its campuses, centers, and programs.

Why Should I Study At Collin College?

Collin College is a student- and community-centered learning centre dedicated to helping students acquire skills, build their character, and challenge their minds.

Learning, creativity, innovation, and academic performance are all important to Collin College. Collin College offers academic courses in the arts and sciences, as well as programs leading to baccalaureate degrees, associate degrees, and other certificates, all with the goal of enhancing a student’s marketable talents and, as a result, promoting economic development.

Is Collin College A Good School?

Collin College’s basic values of learning, service, and involvement, creativity and innovation, academic excellence, dignity and respect, and integrity are all strongly held.

Collin guarantees that each student’s abilities are cultivated, character is improved, and intellect is pushed as a student-centered community.

In a nutshell, Collin College is a fantastic school that gives our students and community a brighter future.

What is Collin College Acceptance Rate?

According to, Collin College’s acceptance rate is pegged at 100%. The institution has an enrollment of 10,760 undergraduate students.

Is Collin College Accredited?

The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges has granted Collin College accreditation to award bachelor, associate, and certificate degrees.

Collin College holds accreditation from a number of certifying agencies, including the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), which recognizes its nursing degree, and a number of other accrediting bodies that approve the college’s other programs.

Collin College, as a wise educational institution, provides equal opportunity to learners and workers by offering educational and job opportunities without prejudice.

Programs Offered At Collin College

Collin College offers associate of arts (AA), associate of arts in teaching (AAT), associate of applied science (AAS), associate of science (AS), associate of science (AS), bachelor of science in nursing (BSN), and bachelor of applied technology (BAT) degrees in addition to a variety of certificates. To see a complete list of Collin College’s offerings, click here.

How To Apply For Admission At Collin College

Collin College admits students for a variety of reasons. To begin, there are four entry points for admission: new/freshman, returning/transfer, foreign, and continuing education.

To be considered for admission to Collin College by any of the methods listed below, you must meet the following requirements.

How to apply for freshman/ dual credit admission

To apply for admission into Collin Community College as a freshman, here are the few steps to follow:

Step 1: Apply

If you are a first-timer, you can kickstart your application simply by clicking here. After initiating the application button, you will receive a confirmation mail within 3-5. The mail will contain your Collin College ID, password, and Collin email address.

Step 2: Submit your documents

  • Transcripts from high school (with graduation date) or GED (General Education Development) (GED)
  • Prove that you’ve been vaccinated against meningitis.
  • Complete evaluation testing
  • If required, provide proof of residency.
  • New Student Orientation is required for all entering Freshmen.
  • Complete Campus Safety Training, which can be found on CougarWeb’s Student page, Safety and Wellness channel.
  • Every semester, Dual Credit students must additionally submit a High School Registration Permission form or a Home School Registration Permission form.

Step 3: Register

After you’ve readied your documents, click here to register. After registering, the net and final step is payment.

How to apply for admission as a transfer student

If you wish to apply for admission into Collin College as a transfer student here are the steps you need to take:

Step 1: Apply

You’ll need to fill out an admissions application if you’ve taken any college classes. You can start your application by clicking here. You will receive an email containing your Collin College ID, password, and new Collin email address within 3-5 business days.

Step 2: Ready the following documents

  • Submit all college transcripts
  • Provide proof of meningitis vaccination
  • Complete assessment tests, if necessary
  • Tender proof of residency
  • Complete Campus Safety Training – found in CougarWeb, on the student tab, in the Safety and Wellness Channel

How to apply for admission as an international student

Collin College does not issue 1-20’s for change of status.

For Initial F-1 Visa Applicants:

Step 1: Apply

Complete the Collin College International application for admission by clicking here. You must have accurate student information, such as a certificate of residency, as an international student.

Step 2: Language Test

Official TOEFL or IELTS scores with the following minimal standards must be submitted: IELTS 6.5 and higher, TOEFL – 525 for the paper-based test or 71 for the internet-based test, TOEFL – 525 for the paper-based test or 71 for the internet-based test.

The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) is required to determine your college placement, and your TOEFL/IELTS scores will not exclude you.

For more information about TSI Assessment and exemptions click here.

Step 3: Complete the F-1 Intention to Apply and provide documents for any of the following:

  • personal savings (Bank statement showing at least $24,000)
  • Letter of guarantee from parents, relatives, friends or sponsor
  • Official letter confirming type of amount in financial aid from your government

Step 4: Submit your transcript

Transcripts from international high schools or colleges must be submitted. In the English language, unofficial transcripts are also allowed.

Step 5: Your passport must be valid for travel outside of the United States.

Send a copy of your passport’s front page, which should include your name, nationality, and expiration date, as well as a minimum of six months’ validity.

Step 6: All students under the age of 22 must have a Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine at least 10 days prior to the commencement of the semester.

Step 7: Mail or email all required documents found in steps 2 through 6 to:

International Student Office

Collin College – SCC

2800 E. Spring Creek Parkway

Plano, TX 75074


Step 8:

Before you make an appointment at the American Consulate for your F-1 VISA click on the SEVIS I-901 fee payment link and print the receipt.

Upon getting to the U.S., please report to the International Students Office with the original documents of:

Current I-20



ISO Local or Foreign Address Form

Click here to see more details of how to apply for admission as an international student.

Application for New Continuing Education students

Step 1: Apply

If you are a first-time visitor, you must fill out an application by clicking here. You will receive an email containing your Collin College ID, password, and new Collin email address within two working days.

How Much Does It Cost To Study At Collin College?

Collin College is committed to providing students with high-quality, low-cost educational opportunities. Financial aid, scholarships, and payment plans may be available to make college more attainable.

Tuition for undergraduate (credit) courses is determined by the amount of credit hours taken and the student’s residence. (Please note that some repeat courses, extra developmental hours, and select unique courses that are not eligible for state funding will incur an additional $50 per hour tuition charge.) The tuition and fee rates for each residency category are listed in the tables below.

Collin College Library

Collin College’s libraries are an important aspect of the classroom environment. The library’s objective is to promote teaching and learning by offering our community with great staff, resources, education, and information services.

Click here to see library hours.

Does Collin College Offer Financial Aid to Students?

Collin College, as an institution dedicated to student success, offers financial aid/scholarship possibilities to students in order to help them pursue and fulfill their educational goals.

Where Is Collin College Located?

Collin College is located at 3452 Spur 399, McKinney, TX 75069, USA. They have campuses in:

  • Frisco Campus (Preston Ridge) 972.377.1790
  • McKinney Campus (Central Park) 972.548.6790
  • Plano Campus (Spring Creek) 972.881.5790 

You can also reach out to them via email or visit their official website.

Collin College Ranking

The Carnegie Foundation designated the college as a “Community Engaged” institution in 2020. Collin College was one of three two-year institutions in the country to receive the designation, out of 119 colleges and universities in the United States; only 11 institutions in Texas received the designation between 2015 and 2020. The National League for Nursing awarded the college a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education the same year.

For the eighth year in a row, Collin’s Respiratory Care program achieved the Commission on Accreditation for Respiratory Care’s Distinguished Registered Respiratory Therapist Credentialing Success Award. According to a study conducted by The Great Colleges to Work For® program, the college was rated one of the greatest higher education employers in the country for the second year in a row..

FAQs On Collin College

Are international students eligible to receive scholarships?

International students are encouraged to apply for general scholarships and may be qualified for certain of them.

Can I save my application and come back later?

Yes. You can save your application and continue modifying at your leisure by clicking the save option. When you’ve finished your final edits, click “Finish and Submit.”

Do I need to complete FAFSA?

Collin College encourages all prospective and current students to fill out the FAFSA to see if they qualify for financial aid (federal/state grants or loans). It is not, however, essential in order to be considered for a scholarship.

What are the GPA requirements needed to study at Collin College?

The Admissions section generates cumulative GPAs. If you don’t have a Collin College GPA, the system will calculate one for you based on your past high school, college, or university grades. All applicants must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5.


Collin College’s objective is to be a student-centered, community-focused institution dedicated to helping students acquire skills, build their character, and challenge their minds. The college’s mission is to provide a brighter future for its students and communities


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