Saint Elizabeth University Acceptance Rate, Admission, Programs, Tuition, Ranking, Scholarships

Saint Elizabeth University Acceptance Rate, Admission, Programs, Tuition, Ranking, Scholarships

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There’s more to being a student than that. The amount to which your study location transforms you will go a long way toward determining how much it contributes to your professional development. Saint Elizabeth University has put a lot of work into making this a reality. Tuition, entrance, acceptance rate, scholarships, and a variety of other factors are all considered.

About Saint Elizabeth University

SEU is a co-educational liberal arts private institution that was formerly known as College of Saint Elizabeth. It is situated in Morris Township, New Jersey, United States of America.

The Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth founded this institution of higher learning in 1899, and it was one of the first Catholic universities to recognize women with degrees.

Students can choose from roughly 25 undergraduate majors, 16 master’s degree programs, and, of course, two doctoral programs (Psy.D. and Ed.D.).

Student Life at Saint Elizabeth University


This college offers a wide range of activities to keep you occupied. Extracurricular activities complement and enhance the educational process.

Everything is systematic within the limits of SEU, no matter what way of life you choose to adopt. The activities that you can participate in are listed below.

  • Clubs & Organizations
  • Campus Activities Board
  • Student Engagement
  • SGA

Experiential Learning Center

  • SEU Promise
  • Student Employment
  • Career Services
  • Volunteerism and Service-Learning

Spirituality & Service

  • Campus Ministry

Student Support

  • Counselling Services
  • Accessibility Services

Wellness & Safety

  • Health Services
  • Campus Security

Saint Elizabeth University’s Address

This University’s location is at 2 Convent Road, Morristown, NJ 07960-6989.

The University’s Website

For more information about Saint Elizabeth University, kindly follow the link to visit the school’s website.


SEU Ranking

Saint Elizabeth University is ranked #136 in the US News World & Report World Ranking for the Best Colleges in the United States for the year 2021.’s ranks, on the other hand, are shown below.

  • #278 for the Safest College Campuses in America
  • For the best colleges locations in America, SEU ranks #443
  • #630 for Most Liberal Colleges in America
  • #770 for Most Diverse Colleges in America
  • For Best Value Colleges in America, Saint Elizabeth University also ranks #915

The Saint Elizabeth University’s Accreditation

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education has regionally accredited Saint Elizabeth University, and the Department of Education has recognized it.

What is the Acceptance Rate at Saint Elizabeth University?

Saint Elizabeth University has a 73 percent acceptance rate for new students. The entrance process is less stringent. The majority of students admitted to the school had SAT scores ranging from 890 to 1096 and an ACT score of 16 to 19.

The scores of the remaining applicants were all below the aforementioned ranges. Admission to the SEU is also on a rotating basis.

Saint Elizabeth University’s Admission Requirements

As an aspiring student, you must provide the following documents in order to be considered for admission. Failure to submit them could jeopardize your chances of being accepted.

  • An application letter
  • Average high school GPA of 2.9
  • Non-refundable application fee of $35
  • Official transcript
  • Personal statement
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Additional documents may be required depending on what program you’re applying for.

What is the Tuition Cost?

Tuition and fees, on-campus accommodation and board, allowances for books, supplies, transportation, and certain incidental charges are all included in a student’s overall tuition cost.Surprisingly, students are not responsible for the entire cost of their education. The cost shown in the table below is only a small portion of what each student must pay each year.

Tuition $32,900 $32,900
Room and Board $12,744 N/A
Total $45,644 $32,900

Any student who undertakes more than one course of study will have to follow this table to pay for their tuition.

Traditional Undergraduate

Per academic year $32,900
Per semester $16,450
Course taken for credit $914 per credit

Adult Undergraduate – Continuing Studies

Course taken for credit $800 per credit
Course taken as auditor $266.67 per credit

Undergraduate – Nursing

Course taken for credit $925 per credit

Undergraduate – RN-BSN

Course taken for credit (no additional discounts) $462.50 per credit

Cost of Tuition for Graduate Programs

The following is what a student who registers for one or more courses at the graduate level will pay in the 2021/2021 academic session.

Graduate Degree Programs $1,001 per credit
Dietetic Internship Program $1,001 per credit
Health Administration and Nursing Programs $1,001 per credit
Physician Assistant Program (beginning Fall 2019) $1,001 per credit
M.A. in Educational Leadership Program $650 per credit
ACT I and ACT II Programs $2,000 per course

Saint Elizabeth University’s Programs

A wide range of programs are available. There are enough courses to go around, whether at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Let’s have a look at their main concentrations.

Major Concentrations

  • Allied Health Science (BS)
  • American Studies (BA)
  • Art (BA)
  • Biochemistry (BS)
  • Biology (BA/BS)
  • Business Administration (BS)
  • Chemistry (BA/BS)
  • Clinical Laboratory Science (BS)
  • Communication (BA)
  • Computer Software Engineering (BS)
  • criminal Justice (BA)
  • Education (BA)
  • English (BA)
  • Food and Nutrition (BS)
  • Global Studies (BA)
  • History (BA)
  • Mathematics (BA)
  • Medical Imaging Science (BS)
  • Nursing (BSN)
  • Psychology (BA)
  • Religious Studies (BA)
  • Social Work (BSW)
  • Sociology (BA)
  • Sport Management and Marketing (BS)

Minor Programs

  • Accounting
  • Allied Health Sciences
  • American Studies
  • Biology
  • Business Administration
  • Chemistry
  • communication
  • Computer Science
  • criminal Justice
  • Dance
  • Engish
  • Ethics
    Ethics Studies
  • Foods and Nutrition
  • Foods, Nutrition & Community Education
  • Forensic Science
  • Global Studies
  • Graphic Design
  • History
  • Leadership
  • Literary Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy for Health Professionals
  • Music
  • Nutritional Science
  • Philosophy
  • Religious Studies
  • Secondary Education
  • Sociology
  • Spanish
  • Sport Management and MArketing
  • Studio Art
  • Victim Services
  • Women’s Studies
  • Writing Studies

Graduate Programs of Study

Master’s and doctorate programs, as well as teaching and professional credentials, are available. Let’s also have a look at the courses that are available.

  • M.S. Data Analytics
  • M.A. Digital Media Design and Marketing
  • M.A. Education
  • M.A. Educational Leadership
  • M.A. Justice Administration and Public Service (online)
  • M.S. ManagementSpecialization in Human Resources Management
  • Specialization in Organizational Change
  • M.S. Nursing
    Track in Nursing Education
    Track in Nursing Leadership
  • Bridge to M.S. in Nursing for RN with Non-Nursing Bachelor’s Degree
  • M.S. Nutrition (online)
    .Concentration in Entrepreneurial Nutrition Practice
    .Concentration in Community Nutrition and Wellness
  • M.S. in Nutrition/Dietetic Internship*
  • Master of Public Health (MPH)
  • M.S. Physician Assistant
  • M.A. Theology
    .Catholic Studies
    .Pastoral Care
    .Theological Studies
  • M.A. Applied Behavior Analysis (online)
  • M.A. Counseling Psychology
    Specialization in Counseling Psychology
    .Specialization in Mental Health .Counselling
    .Specialization in School Counseling

Doctorate Programs

  • Ed.D Educational Leadership
    .Pre-K to 12th Grade Track
    .Higher Education Track
  • Psy.D. Counselling Psychology

Professional Certificates

  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Assistive Technology
  • Catholic Studies
  • Counter-Terrorism
  • Cyber Security Investigation
  • Holocaust and Genocide Education
  • Leadership in Community Policing
  • Online Teaching in the 21st Century
  • Pastoral Care
  • Spirituality
  • Sports Nutrition and Wellness

Teaching Certifications

  • Advanced Certification for Teaching (ACT 1) K-6, K-12
  • Advanced Certification for Teaching (ACT 2) Teacher of Students with Disabilities
  • ESL
  • Middle School Science
  • Supervisor

It’s worth noting that international students are ineligible to enroll in any of the online programs, professional certificates, or teaching certificates.

Scholarships at Saint Elizabeth University

Every load is lifted as Saint Elizabeth University has devised a strategy to assist students who achieve academically and are committed to service and moral ideals, but who are experiencing financial difficulties.

A student can apply for more than one scholarship, but if he or she is eligible for two, the Director of Financial Aid must sort through the applications and award the best scholarship to the student.

Below is a compilation of the types of scholarship and their worths available to students.

  • Presidential Scholarship – Full Tuition
  • Elizabethan Scholarship – $21,000
  • Seton Scholarship – $16,500
  • Founders Scholarship – $15,500
  • Xavier Award – Up to $7,000
  • Housing Award – Up to $4,000
  • Catholic High School Graduate Scholarship – Up to $2,500
  • Niece/Nephew of a Sister of Charity Scholarship – Up to $2,500
  • Alumni Scholarship – Up to $5,000
  • Vincentian Scholarship – $5,000 to $15,000

Notable Alumni

  • Rita Lenihan
  • Blessed Miriam Teresa Demjanovich
  • Shirley Tolentino


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