15 Most Affordable Korean Universities In 2022

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One ugly impediment to acquiring a sound education in a place where tech innovation is at its peak is finance. Regardless of which course you would want to study in any of the Korean universities, check the most affordable schools you can apply to.

Famous for being a tech sanctuary with a jaw-dropping internet penetration percentage, Korea has got the world’s fastest internet.

Most Korean Universities have produced graduates who are rooted enough in business & management, mechanical engineering, politics & social policy, accounting and finance, etc.

While you are on the lookout for affordable universities in Korea, also be conscious for schools with student friendly packages such as scholarships for international students.

So, while you may see this as a big deal to check out for all these, we have eased you the stress by providing answers to some questions you are likely to ask.

Why Study in Korea?

It is impossible to want to make a particular place your study location without having a driving force. If you are asked why you think you want to study in Korea and you do not have perfect answers to give, we’ll help you just as always.

So, with Korea being the leading giant in tech where the students do not have to bother about the network’s stability and speed, you can hold on to so many reasons why it is a good study location for you.

Korean Universities are highly competitive and to come out a recognised graduate, you must study your way through the four walls of the institution.

Korea provides international students with the peace and serenity they need to be effective in their studies while promising them technology at the world-class level.

What are the Requirements for studying in Korea?

For an eventful study abroad program in Korea, lay your hands on helpful information regarding the application procedures, required documents, and application submission.

The list of documents you should present are in the list below.

  • Application form
  • Self-introduction and study plan
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Academic record from high school
  • Proof of nationality/ passport photocopy
  • Proof of Language proficiency (Korea and English)

Application Submission

Most schools accept applications for the spring semester from the previous September/November period while they accept applications for the Fall semester during May/June.

There are two types of undergraduate admission that students can apply for in any of the Korean universities. They are:

  • Regular entrance: This is an undergraduate admission where schools require that you present proof to certify your high school completion.
  • Transfer between universities: Here, schools require a specific amount of credits from the transferring school before they can admit the student.

How Much Does it Cost to study in Korea?

Basically, the cost of tuition for national universities is relatively lower than that of private universities. Since tuition cost vary, it is important to put the cost of tuition into consideration before you apply to any of the universities in Korea.

Below is a tabular representation of the various degrees available in Korean universities.

Degree courses Field of study Tuition Fee (USD, per semester)
Associate Degree Humanities $1,500~$6,200
Sciences $1,800~$6,300
Arts and Sports $1,700~$7,300
Engineering $1,700~$6,200
Undergraduate Degree Humanities $1,600~$7,400
Sciences $1,800~$8,400
Arts and Sports $1,900~$8,500
Engineering $1,800~$8,300
Medicines $4,300~$10,800
Graduate Degree Humanities $1,100~$13,300
Sciences $1,500~$8,600
Arts and Sports $1,500~$6,400
Engineering $1,600~$20,900
Medicines $2,300~$10,600
Application Fee $60-$150

It is important that you note there may a slight change in the application fee. The table above serves as a guide to what you should expect.

Also, for a much more peaceful and comfortable stay in Korea all through your study window frame, you must consider transportation cost, study materials, dorm fees, and miscellaneous expenses.

Check out the tabular representation below.

Type Estimated Fee(USD)
Korean language class 10weeks $1,300 ~ $1,600, 3weeks : $800
Dormitory Room shared by 4, $600 ~ $900 (per semester)
Room shared by 2, $900 ~ $1,400 (per semester)
※ Dorm fees vary depending on if food is included
Food About $300 per month at the school cafeteria
※ A meal in the school cafeteria typically costs around $2.5 ~ $3
Rent (outside school) $300 per month (plus a security deposit of $3,000 ~ $5,000)
Boarding house $300 ~ $500 per month
Medical insurance $20 per month ~
Transportation $40 per month ~
※ Base fare for subway/bus: $1.00
lnternet $30 per month

The Most Affordable Universities in Korea

#1 SeoulTech

Undergraduate Tuition: $5,000
Graduate Tuition: $8,000

SeoulTech university comes tops in the list of the most affordable universities in Korea. Facilitating creative education, this institution of higher learning ensures that the students exhibit a level of competency in the workforce.

Besides that, it also has the best employment rates in Korea.

#2 Handong Global University

Undergraduate Tuition: $7,175
Graduate Tuition: N/A

In the entire university, it is only about five majors that are taught in English Language. This affordable university in Korea provides the students an ambience to learn and also meet people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

One striking fact about Handong Global University is that the students need not worry about how to fix their hairs as there is a salon on the campus.

#3 Soongsil University

Undergraduate Tuition: $7,500
Graduate Tuition: $7,500

This private Christian university in the heart of Seoul is considered the first modern university in Korea.

Renowned for offering majors like business and economics at the undergraduate level, this institution of higher learning also offers graduate programs of study.

So, in your quest to find an affordable study location coupled with the sizeable school with a smaller student body population, Soongsil University is an ideal fit for you.

#4 Korea University

Undergraduate Tuition: N/A
Graduate Tuition: Up to $7,280

In the list of private universities in Korea, this university actually ranks first.

Every day at noon, this affordable university bubbles with song as the clock chimes the university’s theme.

#5 Yonsei University

Undergraduate Tuition: Up to $5,890
Graduate tuition: Up to $7,630

This private research university in South Korea is the nation’s oldest university and one of the most renowned in the region.

With a student to faculty ratio of 7, this institution seeks to educate young minds who will contribute their quota to humanity.

Yonsei University has become the center of attraction for its current initiatives to promote development.

#6 Seoul National University

Undergraduate Tuition: $5,330
Graduate Tuition: $6,000

This public university with a student body of nearly 30,000 students owns the largest campus in Seoul with four campuses.

This could also be your go-to institution on the consideration of the most affordable universities in Korea.

This cheap university offers courses at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degree levels.

#7 Pusan National University

Undergraduate Tuition: Up to $2,535
Graduate Tuition: Up to $3,120

This non-profit public higher education institution is co-educational and offers courses and programs that are highly recognized.

#8 University of Seoul

Undergraduate Tuition: $5,330
Graduate Tuition: Up to $8,400

I can’t begin to imagine the joy that comes to faces when they think of the most affordable Korean universities and have the University of Seoul to thank for.

Upon the mayoral declaration to subsidize the cost of tuition at the institution in 2012, tuition costs have been reasonably low.

This affordable institution is also one of Korea’s top universities.

#9 Sogang University

Undergraduate Tuition: $7,000
Graduate Tuition: $7,500

Although this institution comes in the list of the most affordable universities in Korea, it has a very high acceptance rate. So far, it is known as one of the elite schools in South Korea.

Sogang’s university location makes it ideal for international students.

#10 Hoseo University

Undergraduate Tuition: $6,800
Graduate Tuition: $6,800

This private Christian university offers both graduate and undergraduate programs. Being a cheap Korean university, it prides in having a 100% pass rate for Nursing and National Examinations for the previous five years.

#11 Kangwon National University

Undergraduate Tuition: $1,500
Graduate Tuition: $2,000

Established in 1947, Kangwon university has 19 colleges with an array of programs it offers.

Programs available at this cheap university include Chemical Engineering, Architecture, Business Administration, Horticulture, Sociology, etc.

#12 Kyungpook National University

Undergraduate Tuition: $2,300
Graduate Tuition: $4,000

Among the available programs in this institution, there are about 17 colleges through which it offers undergraduate, master’s, and doctorate programs to all students.

Besides that, Kyungpook National University provides the help it deems fit to the students.

Here, students can also involve themselves in volunteer programs to make their study experience worthwhile.

#13 Chungnam National University

Undergraduate Tuition: $2,200
Graduate Tuition: $4,000

Established in 1952, the Chungnam National University was among the flagship national universities of Korea. It started with only three colleges when it started as the Chungnam Provincial University.

The school created its graduate school in 1957 before merging with the Chungbuk Provincial University to create the Chungnam National University in 1962.

Life on the campus has become easier with the different facilities available for the students to use.

#14 Gyeongsang National University

With the mission to educate students in the Gyeongsang Province, Korea. This affordable institution has continued to live by its word.

This institution houses over 23,000 students under approximately 2,000 faculty.

#15 Pukyong National University

The largest city in Korea is where you can find this institution. With over 30,000 students here, it can interest you to know that it is also affordable!


Korea is by far, one of the world’s greatest countries with people who have a great understanding of technology. It is also in the list of countries with the most affordable universities you can ever find.

If a part of what’s holding you back from studying in Korea, I bet you will find them here.



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