Teaching English Online: Convenient, Meaningful & a Great Way to Get Money

Allow us to assist you in learning how to teach ESL online. With so many of us glued to our screens these days, it should come as no surprise that you may earn money online as well. And before you argue that major markets like Amazon and Lazada are the only ones who generate large money, think differently. You can make a lot of money teaching English online if you have a good internet connection (although you still need a TEFL certificate, of course).

The ESL teaching sector has changed with technology like nobody’s business in the last decade or two. You no longer need to traverse borders to instruct international students.

Instead, you may teach ESL online from the comfort of your own home! You don’t even need to change out of your pajamas! That’s off the table. On second thought, you should dress more professionally because you still want to appear professional. After all, online English teaching is a paid career that you should take seriously.

Teaching English online FAQs

1. What exactly does it mean to “teach English online”?

Teaching English in person versus teaching ESL online from home is a vastly different experience. Forget with using old textbooks and photocopying tedious worksheets! Teaching English online is a lot of fun because there are so many great tools available, such as Youtube videos, blogs, and online ESL language apps and games. However, you may run into certain difficulties when it comes to teaching English online. To begin with, when you teach a student in person, you can rely on verbal and nonverbal indicators (such as body language) that occur in real time to tell you if you’re on track. This is also possible with online teaching, although it is more difficult.

Another stumbling point is technical difficulties. Here’s how you do a poor job of teaching English online. Use a faulty connection so that your screen freezes in the middle of the lesson and you sound like you have a bad stutter. Don’t even get me started on poor sound quality. Because teaching and learning English is mostly about hearing and speaking, it can quickly devolve into a train wreck if you and your student can’t hear each other clearly. You must have a thorough understanding of your software and be able to perform basic troubleshooting. Also, patience is a necessary ability in any online context.

Another factor that distinguishes online English teaching is that you and your students will most likely be in two separate time zones. For example, if you live in the United States, you may be required to teach pupils in China late at night or very early in the morning. This is fantastic if you work shifts or are a night owl, but what if you have a full-time day job? To prevent skipping classes and getting those much-needed zzzs, you must be able to effectively manage your time and schedule.

2. Do I need to get TEFL certified to teach English online?

First and foremost. You should get TEFL certified as soon as possible if you haven’t previously. You might be thinking, “I don’t need any qualifications to teach English because I constantly assist my younger sister with her English homework!” Wrong! TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is a completely different ballgame than baseball or cricket! It’s important to remember that teaching English to native speakers differs from teaching English to non-native speakers. A decent TEFL course will provide you a solid background in TEFL-specific teaching methodology and other vital skills if you want to learn how to teach English online for money.

3. Where can I teach English online from?

Teaching English online from home is one option… 

Most people imagine someone in their bedroom chatting with a foreigner who is more than a few time zones away when they think of teach English online jobs. In some ways, this is undoubtedly correct. There are a lot of advantages to teaching ESL online from home.

The first reason is that you’ll never have to leave your cozy digs! That means no traffic jams, mascara wands in eyes, rushing to get a cup of coffee at Starbucks, wet packed lunches, and long queues at your favorite food truck! Plus, while he snuggles your feet under the table, you get to play with Sparky or Simba all day! Because you’re your own employer, you may plan your teach English online employment around your personal schedule (gym, me-time, picking up dry cleaning, etc.). Yes, please!

… Or you can try teaching English online from WHEREVER! 

You don’t have to teach English from home if you work as an online English teacher! Yes, you heard me correctly. You can carry your side business/career with you everywhere you go! If the digital nomad lifestyle appeals to you, look for the finest online ESL jobs to supplement your income as you travel the world.

Because many of the online teaching English jobs are independent, you can work as many hours as you want, whenever you want! Teaching English online is ideal for nomads who are constantly on the move, unlike teaching opportunities abroad that need you to stay rooted in a specific location for a specific period of time. The greatest online ESL jobs are extremely handy and flexible, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of your time zone.

4. What are the requirements to teach English online?

You must invest in the proper equipment if you want to learn how to teach English online and earn money quickly. That means you’ll need a good PC/Mac/laptop, a good webcam and headset, a comfortable workspace (you’ll be sitting for the majority of the time), and a very quiet environment. Regrettably, this means kicking Sparky and Simba out of class. It’s also a certainty that you’ll have access to a fast internet connection. Please, no dial-up! Check to see if you have enough RAM to execute particular applications. Also, make sure you’re in an area with a stable electricity supply or, at the very least, a backup generator.

Furthermore, teach English online employment, like all other ESL positions, require the appropriate qualifications and expertise. An online English instructor must be a native English speaker with a bachelor’s degree (in any field) and some kind of official or informal teaching experience, according to several hiring companies (mentoring, working at summer camps etc.). Others will inquire about your teaching or TEFL credentials.

5. Where can I find online English teaching jobs that are trustworthy?

Where do you look for work now that you’ve decided to teach English online? To begin with, there are a number of organizations that have hopped on the online English education bandwagon. It’s your responsibility to sort out the good from the bad. Begin by reviewing customer reviews on the provider’s website and other third-party websites. Speak with people who have worked for the companies.

It’s vital to “search around” for teaching English online jobs before you locate the appropriate one for you, depending on where you want to work and what type of arrangement you want. To guarantee that the organization is legitimate and that money WILL end up in your bank account, read the fine print, explain expectations properly, and speak with other ESL teachers.

Is the company respectable and accredited by a third-party organization? Take a look at its webpage. Grammatical problems and a poor writing style should be a red flag that these persons should not be teaching English, online or otherwise! After you’ve chosen a company, obtain the WiFi password and begin instructing.

It’s not easy to find online teaching employment for English, but once you do, you’ll know it. Now is the time to brush up on your verb construction and what the term “gerund” means—you’re the instructor now, and the pupils are counting on you!

6. Do you have any resources for online ESL teachers?

Are you ready to enter the matrix? Here are some other resources to assist you in deciding whether or not teaching English online is right for you!

Put your headphones on! Here are ten fantastic ESL resources for instructors to get you started!
But hold on! There’s more to come! Here are four simple tasks for ESL students to try.
For Americans, the Ultimate Guide to TEFL Certification
Earn a TEFL credential while teaching online, then apply what you’ve learned in the classroom.
Many games and activities may be simply translated whether you’re teaching ESL online or in person. Simply becoming a little more imaginative and comfortable working with one-on-one students rather than large groups of students.

7 teach English online jobs with good salaries

We know you’re in it for more than just the professional experience; you’re also hoping to make some money, right?! That Eurotrip isn’t going to be self-sustaining. That’s why we put together this carefully curated list of online English teaching jobs that pay well. Enjoy!

1. English First (EF)

EF is searching for enthusiastic teachers who are interested in learning how to teach English online and bringing it to life in the virtual world. This program provider has created a one-of-a-kind platform that allows teachers to connect with students all over the world from the comfort of their own homes or from their virtual teaching centers in Bali, Santiago, Shanghai, and Johannesburg. Plus, you can get a TEFL certificate while working!

2. Preply

Preply is a website that connects students with private tutors from all over the world. Preply allows you to apply for English teaching jobs online and choose your own pricing, working hours, and pace. Anyone who wants to work as an online English tutor can apply even if they don’t have a teaching certificate. On Preply, the most popular teachers can earn up to $550 each week. To discover more about the available online English teaching positions on their platform, visit their website. Visit their site


VIPKID, based in Beijing, teaches you how to teach English online and collect money into your PayPal account as soon as possible. Teach English to Chinese children one-on-one from the comfort of your own home. Only people who are legally allowed to work in the United States and Canada are eligible to apply. Additionally, prospective online English teachers must have prior teaching or mentoring experience as well as a bachelor’s degree in any discipline.

4. Lingoda

This European company facilitates virtual classroom interaction between students and teachers. They’re looking for skilled teachers who are also tech-savvy, dependable, and native English speakers (or native speakers of other languages you want to teach). Lingoda also gives a 25% discount on any of their language courses.. Visit their site

5. XploreAsia

Online teaching positions in Thailand, South Korea, Vietnam, and Myanmar are available through XploreAsia. You will be eligible for paid job placement after enrolling in their TEFL/TESOL course (and if you have a Bachelor’s degree). The hours of work are fully flexible, and the pay is competitive.

6. Twosigmas

Twosigmas provides individual online tuition to Chinese students. This online school provides teachers with curriculum as well as other resources, such as Open Whiteboard, an online teaching platform that they created. You must work a minimum of 7.5 hours per week or 15 lessons. Visit their site

7. DadaABC

With partnerships with the American TESOL Institute, Pearson, Highlights, and National Geographic Learning, this Chinese online English instruction organization appears to be legitimate. Teachers work with students aged 4 to 16 years old.. Visit their site

We get it—you’re already signing up for teaching English online!

The best part about teaching English online is that you can do it from anywhere and at any time. Because of the internet, the world has shrunk to the point where you’ll almost certainly have pupils from nations you’ve never been. But keep in mind that teaching English online entails a lot more than just teaching sloppy grammar rules. Make the most of this opportunity to bridge the digital divide by sharing your culture, learning about other cultures, and truly connecting with your pupils. It’ll be the most beneficial thing you’ve ever done.

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