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With its Mayan and Aztec cultural legacy, friendly people, and nice environment, Mexico is surely one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. While pursuing an international degree, this largest Spanish-speaking country in the world is a great destination to enjoy life in numerous fiestas and cultural fairs.

Mexico is one of the most underappreciated countries in international education, but that is changing as the country develops. Mexico’s substantial scholarships, excellent level of living, inexpensive cost of study, and proximity to some of Latin America’s best colleges are the key reasons for an increase in international applications.

Living Costs in Mexico for International Students

Mexico is a low-cost destination for international students, particularly those who speak Spanish. The cost of living in the provinces can be very low, but English-speaking consumers may pay a higher price. Only if you avoid super-luxurious restaurants, where rates may be comparable to those in the heart of Paris, can you eat out for as low as USD 1.5.

While rent in Mexico is quite inexpensive, beach resorts operate on a different financial scale. In Mexico City, a single-bedroom apartment can be rented for roughly USD 200, but in the countryside, the same property can be rented for as little as USD 80. Despite the low cost of water (USD 7), people choose to drink bottled water, which is an additional cost. Electricity bills can range from USD 80 to USD 200, depending on usage. Saving electricity is always a good idea.

Can international students work in Mexico?

International students are not permitted to work in Mexico while pursuing their academic studies.

Top Universities in Country:

The National Autonomous University of Mexico is Mexico’s largest and most academically regarded institution.

The second-best university is the Monterrey Institute of Technology, which ranks 15th internationally and first in Latin America in terms of billionaire alumni.

According to the QS Rankings, Panamerican University is ranked third in the world and second among private universities.

The Universidad Anáhuac México, like Panamerican University, is a private university founded by Catholic groups. Finally, the Autonomous University of Baja California, located just across the border in Tijuana, is one of the top five higher-education institutions in the state.

Best Scholarships in Mexico

1. The National Autonomous University of Mexico Scholarships

International students studying in undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and postdoctoral programs at Mexico’s National Autonomous University have access to some of the greatest scholarships in the country. UNAM is well-known for engineering studies, but applicants can also profit from their specializations in sciences, economics, management, architecture, and art. Official proof of Spanish proficiency is one of the prerequisites. International students can learn about the following Mexico scholarships on UNAM’s scholarship page:

  • Scholarship Program (PBII) is available for B.S., Master’s, and Ph.D. degree students, focusing on developing cutting-edge engineers with a strong background in research and academic expertise. Interested international students must have a GPA of at least 8.0 on a scale of 10.
  • Emilio Rosenblueth Fellowship awards a few exceptional postgraduates each year. The awarded candidates would do scientific research with solid output in renewable energy, hydrology, and alike.

2. ITAM Scholarships

ITAM is a private, non-profit institution in Mexico that offers financial aid to a third of its students. It is known for its altruism and progressive thinking, and it selects its honorees based on academic excellence or poor economic standing. Tuition fees are waived for international students who maintain a good GPA for the remainder of their academic year. Furthermore, students can choose from any of the three programs available, each with its own set of subprograms.

A GPA of 9.0 or above is required for ITAM and SEP Scholarships, as well as an admission exam and an official document stating why the student is unable to finance the entire tuition costs. ITAM can cut tuition rates by 10% to 90% if the student is enrolled and their status is validated.

For international students, the Special Scholarship Program offers numerous unique Mexico scholarship possibilities. For example, if a student maintains a 9.0 GPA until graduation, the Baillères Scholarship can cover the entire tuition. In addition, economics, engineering, and political science students can receive a monthly grant of 500 UDIS through the Miguel Mancera Scholarship for Sustenance (Mexican Investment Units).

Graduate students interested in corporate carriers can receive substantial funds and tuition waivers from Procter and Gamble, JP Morgan, and Siemens.

3. Tecnológico de Monterrey Scholarships

The Tecnologico de Monterrey is one of Latin America’s top seven universities, particularly in the fields of economics and engineering. Its alumni include some of Mexico’s most powerful politicians and business leaders. Tec de Monterrey, although being a private, non-profit college, offers numerous Mexico scholarships to both domestic and international students.

The university’s selection standards are based on socioeconomic background as well as academic, student, entrepreneurial, or leadership abilities. External subsidies are also available to help talented or disadvantaged students. Additionally, specific socioeconomic funds are available for international students who have demonstrated a low economic position and have lived in Mexico for at least five years.

Scholarships for Academic Talent can reduce tuition costs by up to 70%. This is still a significant cost drop for one of Mexico’s most costly cities. In addition, the Leaders of Tomorrow scholarship covers 100% of tuition costs and offers health insurance as part of the package. Finally, the Socio-economic Scholarship Program for Foreign Students caps financing at 50% of total tuition fees, which is nevertheless considerable for a non-merit-based foreign scholarship at such a prestigious institution.

4. OAS – AMEXCID Scholarship Program

Under the AMEXCID Program, the Organization of American States, comprising Mexican and regional organizations, give scholarships to students from OAS member states. Students must be citizens of one of the 31 member countries from North and South America, as well as the Caribbean.

AMEXCID pays overseas applicants’ lodging costs as well as basic medical insurance. A small number of students, however, receive a one-time stipend of USD 1,200. In contrast, a small number of candidates may be eligible for a waiver of their full tuition expenses if they attend an institution in the OAS Consortium Network.

5. Autonomous University of Baja California Scholarship

Undergraduate and graduate students are encouraged to apply for one of Mexico’s most prestigious scholarships at the Autonomous University of Baja California. In Mexico, this non-profit state university features three main campuses and various sub-campuses. It boasts well-known research facilities and is a fantastic site for international students interested in natural sciences, humanities, architecture, and health care.

The “A Modality,” financed by UABC, is the best alternative for international applicants. Non-Spanish speaking undergraduates may be eligible for MN 35,000, while Spanish-speaking bachelor’s degree applicants may be eligible for MN 30,000.

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