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Although Greece is not among the ‘big names’ for study abroad enthusiasts. The country’s education system is one of the best in Europe; some of its universities are recognized globally. A good example is the National Technical University of Athens. This university is one of the best universities in Greece; there are lots of international students studying here. A study at the National Technical University of Athens provides students with sound education which uses the European system for teaching.

The National Technical University (NTUA) has been Greece’s oldest and most famous technological educational institution since its founding in 1836, contributing continuously to the country’s scientific, technical, and economic advancement. It is closely linked to Greece’s struggle for independence, democracy, and economic development. The Greek name for NTUA is “Ethnicon Metsovion Polytechnion,” which stands for National Metsovion Polytechnic. It was given the name “Metsovion” to honour the donors and benefactors Nikolaos Stournaris, Eleni Tositsa, Michail Tositsas, and Georgios Averof, who all came from Metsovo, a small town in Epirus, and made substantial donations in the late nineteenth century.

NTUA’s academic program is organized into independent academic semesters, each of which is equivalent to 30 credit units. The courses taught in each of the Schools are for one semester. All schools have ten semesters (five falls and five spring). The Diploma Thesis takes up the tenth semester.

Each semester is 18 weeks long and covers 30 credit units on average; 13 weeks are devoted completely to teaching, two weeks are devoted to the Christmas or Easter vacation, and the final three weeks of each semester are devoted to final examinations for that semester’s courses.

In the fall semester, the week following final exams is allocated for vacations or special educational events.

NTUA, places a strong emphasis on the foundation. After 300 credit units have been earned, courses leading to a Master’s diploma take five years to complete. Below are top reasons to pursue a degree at NTUA.

Why study at the National Technical University of Athens?

study at the National Technical University of Athens: ΕΘΝΙΚΟ ΜΕΤΣΟΒΙΟ ΠΟΛΥΤΕΧΝΕΙΟ


Globally recognized

NTUA as it is commonly called is a reputable institution. The university is recognized as one of the top technical universities in the world. likewise, a degree obtained from this university is recognized.

Quality teaching style

The teaching style of the National Technical University of Athens is ‘superb’. There are lots of research activities taking place in the university as a way of preparing students to face the real deal after completing their studies. The well-organized educational and research system, the quality of its personnel and students, and the sufficiency of its technical infrastructure are all factors that contribute to NTUA’s important work and global recognition.

Affordable cost

In every country, technical universities attract higher costs due to several practical pieces of training. At the National Technical University of Athens, the tuition is still affordable. International students pay between 850-9000 EUR depending on the study level and language of instruction.

Study in English

If you are disturbed about the language of instruction, worry no more! There are several courses available in English medium. International students have the option to choose between studying in a greek or English taught program.


There are 9 Schools, departments are subdivided within each School comprising of 40 Departments, and 194 Laboratories at NTUA. The following are the schools:

  1. Civil Engineering
  2. Mechanical Engineering
  3. Electrical and Computer Engineering
  4. Architecture
  5. Chemical Engineering
  6. Rural & Surveying Engineering
  7. Mining & Metallurgical Engineering
  8. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
  9. Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences

Study options

Students planning to study at the National Technical of Athens can study in Greek or English. To study in English taught program, you may be asked to write a language test.

Academic calendar

September-February and February-June

Credit system: ECTS (European Credit Transfer System)

There are four-semester places available per academic year.

Tuition fee

On average, the tuition fee is 845.42 euros. Check the school website and department for the exact tuition fee.



The National Technical University of Athens offers quality education. it is famous for providing quality education in the area of technology which is spread across nine faculties comprising of 4o departments. The school is welcoming to international students who can study in Greek or English language. For more information, kindly visit the school website and select a program.

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