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Seneca was founded in 1967 by the Canadian government as a leading college in applied arts and technology, in response to a growing demand for practical learning and the use of modern technologies.

The university accepts qualified candidates from all across the world, regardless of race, creed, or gender. Seneca College offers around 145 full-time, 135 part-time, 14 bachelor’s degrees, and 30 graduate certifications. Over 70 transfer agreements exist with colleges and nations such as the United States, England, Australia, and South Africa. Seneca enrolls about 3,500 foreign students from 113 countries, and 8,000 or more students graduated from the school in 2011/2012. Approximately 93 percent of employers expressed satisfaction with their Seneca graduates.


The City of Toronto, York Region, Markham, York University, King City, and North Toronto are all home to Seneca campuses. The university includes ten well-equipped and specialized campuses in total.

Seneca college

Seneca College provides a wide range of courses, thus tuition fees vary. However, the following are general estimates for all courses and students throughout the course of a year.

Fees $13,000 CAD

Books $400-$900 CAD

Housing $450-$850for a month

Transportation $100 CAD for a month

For living cost, an amount of $1,000 will be advisable.



A single lunch in business area C$17
Whole fat milk for one person C$2.70
A dozen large eggs C$3.46
A kilogram of potatoes C$2.31
A kilogram of tomatoes C$3.46
A loaf of bread C$1.15
1 bottle of good quality table red wine C$17
2 liters of Coca-Cola drink C$2.31
Boneless chicken breast (500 gram) C$7

Rent for 85 m2 already furnished accommodation in expensive area C$2.269
Rent for 85 m2 already furnished accommodation in normal area C$1.965
1 month utilities for 2 persons in a 85 m2 flat C$164
1 month internet access C$51
Flat screen television (40”) C$466
800/900 watts microwave C$183
Laundry detergent C$13
Cleaning help per hour C$20

1 раir of jеаnѕ (Lеviѕ 501 оrѕimilаr) C$64
1 ѕummеrdrеѕѕ in a High StrееtStоrе (Zаrа, H&M or similar rеtаilеrѕ) C$49
1 pair of ѕроrt shoes (Nikе, Adidаѕ, оrеԛuivаlеntbrаndѕ) C$112
1 раirоfmеn’ѕlеаthеrbuѕinеѕѕѕhоеѕ C$159

VоlkѕwаgеnGоlf 1.4 TSI 150 CV (or equivalent), with nоеxtrаѕ, nеw C$23,519
1 litеr (1/4 gаllоn) оf gas C$1.15
Public trаnѕроrt (monthly) C$145
Taxi trip on a business (5 miles) C$17

Seneca students

All students should have a basic command of the English language.

Candidates should be aware that they will be given lectures in English. If English isn’t the primary language in your nation, you’ll need to perform the following:

Candidates must have studied full-time for at least two years in a nation where English is the primary language.
TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE Academic test scores must be submitted.
Candidates may choose to enroll in and finish a Seneca English preparatory program.
Admission to a two-year diploma program or a three-year advanced diploma program

Prospective students must fill the International Application Form

Must pay application fee of $65 CAD which is non-refundable.
Must attach transcripts from high school showing all subjects required.
International English test scores:
TOEFL score, minimum of 550(paper based test), or 80 for internet based test;

IELTS score, of at least6.0;

PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English) score is set at 58.

Admission to a Degree (4 years) Program

Fill the international application form
A non-refundable $65 CAD application fee
High school-issued transcripts for grades 10, 11 and 12
Any post-secondary transcripts if applicable
International English Test Scores:
TOEFL score with a minimum of 570 (paper based test), or 84 for internet based test;

IELTS Academic requires a minimum test score of 6.5 with no single test below 21;

PTE Academic (Pearson Test of English) scores of about 60.

Admission to a Post-graduate (1 year) Program

International application form
Non-refundable application fee of $65 CAD.
Transcripts for all years in university.
International English language test scores:
Minimum of 580 score on TOEFL (paper based test), or 88 for internet based test score;

IELTS Academic with an overall minimum score of 6.5;

PTE Academic (Pearson Test on English) score 60.


Late payments may result in the loss of a student’s entrance reservation. Many qualified prospective students are on Seneca’s waiting list, and they are offered admission if an applicant fails to pay their fees on time.


Students at Seneca must purchase books for each course offered. The cost and number of books that applicants must purchase are determined by the individual courses.


Seneca has seasoned counselors on hand to provide free counseling services to students who are unsure about their place in the world. If you require this assistance, visit the Seneca website and select guidance counselor. For voice calls, there is a phone number provided on the page.


A prospective student’s study visa may be denied by the Immigration Office. In this scenario, the candidate must notify the International Admissions Office within 10 working days of the semester’s start. Seneca would reimburse one semester cost less $200, and all future semester fees would be repaid in full.

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Seneca International students can use any of the following ways to pay tuition fees:

Western Union Global Pay for Students
Credit Card
Certified Check

Students who choose to work with independent educational agents may be charged a consulting fee in addition to the $65.00 Seneca requires. The agencies involved decide whether or not to do so. Seneca does not charge more than $65.00, and all registered agencies are asked not to charge additional fees to consumers.


Seneca has the following faculties:

Health Science and Applied Arts
Engineering and Applied Science
International Liberal Arts Part-time Studies Training and Employment Services Communication, Arts, and Design
Thank you for taking the time to read our article about Seneca College. If you are interested in studying at Seneca College, please contact the institution and submit your application. It’s not at all difficult.

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