5 Best Computer Science Universities in Japan For International Students

We are living in this digital age where everything is accessible, faster, and portable. Our digital footprints increase every day as we are online most of the time. Technology plays an integral role in our daily lives and it became our friendly allies as we navigate in this world.

Japan is highly regarded for its technological innovation and creativity. They are at the forefront of the technology industry and has been consistently producing state-of-the-art innovations such as digital cameras, electric vehicles, artificial hearts, and optical fibers. It is one of the most popular destinations for international education. In this article, we will be looking at the best universities in Japan to study computer science.

Is Japan a good place to study Computer Science?

Japan has the most number of Nobel prize winners among many Asian countries. The country is highly committed to providing world-class education. It has more than 700 universities and most of them are among the top universities in the world.

Cost of Studying Computer Science in Japan

Studying in Japan is relatively affordable compared to other Western countries. Tuition fees at public universities cost around 535,800 yen, yearly. Some of the universities waive a partial amount of the tuition fees for student achievers coming from poor backgrounds. There are also scholarships offered by several private and public organizations.

What Degrees are offered for Computer Science in Japan
Bachelors, Master’s, and Doctorate degrees in Computer Science are available in most of the universities.

Universities in Japan with Computer Science Programs
1. University of Tokyo

Degree Offered: Master of Science in Computer Science
Language of Instruction: Japanese and English
Founded in 1877, the University of Tokyo is the best university in Japan for computer science. Presently, the university comprises 10 faculties, 11 affiliated research institutes, 13 university-wide centers, and 15 graduate schools. There are 3 campuses located in Komaba, Kashiwa, and Hongo. It is also close to several cultural attractions in Tokyo. The institution is among the first of the imperial universities. It is highly regarded as one of the best in Japan and the whole world. Some of the alumni and faculty include Nobel prize awardees, astronauts, and prime ministers.

The Department of Computer Science aims to establish the fundamentals of information technology in the next generation of computer scientists. They are committed to education and research in the fields of programming languages, computer architecture, computer systems, bioinformatics, and visual information.

2. Kyoto University

Degree Offered: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Founded in 1897, Kyoto University is one of the oldest universities in Japan. The university has been hailed among the top universities in the country, in Asia, and the whole world. Kyoto University is also home to the best computer science program in Japan. The campuses are spread across Yoshida, Katsura, and Uji. Currently, it has 10 faculties, 13 research institutes, 19 graduate schools, 21 educational and research centers, and 22,000 students.

Kyoto University has produced several notable alumni, from Nobel prize winners, field medalists, to respected researchers, and prime ministers.

The course will equip students with extensive knowledge of Computer Science including the theory of computation, theories of communications and information, architectural principles and techniques, design of logic circuits, analysis and design of computational algorithms, architectural techniques and principles for computer software, and knowledge of engineering and artificial knowledge.

3. Osaka University

Degrees Offered: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Master of Science in Computer Science
Osaka University is one of the top universities for computer science in Japan. Located in Osaka Prefecture, the university was founded in 1931 and has frequently been rated highly in university rankings. At present, this prestigious university consists of 3 campuses, 11 undergraduate and 16 graduate schools, 18 research centers, 70 cultural groups, 2,271 international students, 3,225 faculty members, and 23,288 students. It has produced outstanding and award-winning alumni.

The university’s Department of Information and Computer Science is focused on providing its students with technical mastery and scientific ability in the fields of mathematical science and informatics. After the first year, students are required to take one of the three courses offered by the divisions of mathematical science, software science, and computer science.

4. Tokyo Institute of Technology

Degrees Offered: Computer Science Undergraduate Major, Computer Science Graduate Major
Language of Instruction: Japanese
Situated in the Greater Tokyo Area, the Tokyo Institute of Technology the biggest institution for higher education in the country. It is the leading university in Japan committed to science and technology. The institution is among the distinguished universities in the country. The Tokyo Institute of Technology is composed of 6 schools with more than 40 departments and research centers.


Under the graduate degree programs, students will be equipped with extensive knowledge and expertise in advanced technologies and theories associated with information systems, information structure and services.

5. Waseda University

Degree Offered: Bachelor, Master’s
Language of Instruction: English
We end our list of best computer science universities in Japan with Waseda University. Founded in 1882, Waseda University is a private research university located in Tokyo. The university comprises 13 undergraduate schools and 20 graduate and professional schools. It has strategically partnered with institutions in 89 countries. Waseda University is home to 8,350 international students and has hosted 452 scholars. The university library is regarded as one of Japan’s biggest libraries.

This prestigious institution has ranked consistently in numerous reputable university rankings and has produced outstanding professionals including 7 prime ministers, award-winning novelists, and several CEOs of prominent companies.

Some of the lecture courses included in the program include digital imaging, media industrial organization, wireless communications network, information integration of symbols and patterns, perceptual computing, cloud systems, advanced wireless access, and analysis of networked systems. Electronic circuits, computer vision and pattern analysis, advanced processor architecture, information network systems, introduction to computer graphics and image processing, software quality assurance, mobile communications, advanced intelligent software, teletraffic theory, and electrodynamics are some of the elective courses.


I hope that this article on the top universities in Japan for computer science was helpful.

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