10 Cheapest Universities in Albania for International Students

10 Cheapest Universities in Albania for International Students

This article of mine is on cheapest universities in Albania for international students. Albania is a country in the Balkan region. The nation, which is well-known for its castles and historical landmarks, has also grown in popularity as a place to pursue higher education. The fact that it has one of the highest rates of literacy—99.2% for men and 98.3% for women—could be the cause of this.

Many schools were restored and established nationwide when communism was overthrown. As Albania’s educational system developed, an increasing number of foreign students flocked there. After all, the nation provides top-notch higher education at a price lower than most universities in Europe. This article will examine affordable institutions of higher learning in Albania for foreign students.

Why Study in Albania?

There are many good reasons to pick Albania as the place you want to study in a foreign country. People from different parts of the world come to this place to learn about the culture and different types of jobs. After finishing their studies, some people choose to stay and work in Albania. Here are the top reasons why you should study in Albania.

  • Albania has scholarships available for international students who want to study at the graduate or undergraduate level. These scholarships are very competitive.
  • Albania has programs that you can learn in English if that’s how you like to learn. You do not have to speak Albanian to study in Albania. You can study in English instead.
  • Albania has good education. Degrees from Albanian universities are accepted all over the world.
  • In Albania, you can find both public and private universities offering a wide range of study programmes at all levels of higher education.
  • Albania has many different types of cultures. You will experience Albanian culture for yourself. You’ll have a new and unforgettable way of living.
  • Albania is a good place to study because it is safe, friendly and not expensive. It’s not expensive to study and live in Albania.
  • The most common language spoken in Albania is Albanian. If you go to school in Albania, you can learn a different language. Learning a language that is not your own can help you get a better job and open up more doors in your career.

How to study in cheapest universities in Albania for international students

You can go to Albania for studying by doing a few easy things. It’s easy and not complicated. This is how you can successfully study abroad.

  1. Research all the available educational options and select the course and Albanian university.
  2. Check whether you are eligible or not and also know the requirements of the university for that particular course
  3. Apply for admission to the university with the documents as specified by the institution.
  4. If the higher education institute accepts your application, they will issue an admission offer letter.
  5. After receiving the offer letter apply for a student visa.
  6. Get the study visa and fly to Albania for your semesters.

Top courses to study in Albania for international students

In Albania, there are many colleges and universities that offer different courses for students to study. Foreign students can choose to study for a bachelor’s degree or go on to earn a master’s degree. International students who want to do academic research can get PhD degrees too. The courses that are liked the most in Albania.

  • Study Business and Management in Albania
  • Study Computer Science and Information Technology in Albania
  • Study Social Sciences in Albania
  • Study Hospitality Courses in Albania
  • Study Economics in Albania
  • Study finance and accounting in Albania
  • Study engineering in Albania

What are the admission requirements for Albanian universities?

A secondary education certificate is required for admissions to undergraduate programs. Also, they must succeed on the Albanian language test.

On the other hand, graduate students must give up a copy of their bachelor’s transcript in order to enroll in master’s or doctoral programs.

How much is the tuition fee in cheapest universities in Albania for international students?

Bachelor’s degree study fees range from $180 to about $4,450 per year. Post-graduate studies, on the other hand, usually cost about $6,674 per year.

Cheap Universities in Albania for International Students

1. Fan Noli University

Minimum Annual Tuition: $180 (ALL 20,000)

Fan Noli University, the cheapest universities in Albania for international students is where we begin this ranking. Fan Noli University was founded in 1971, making it one of Albania’s ‘comparably older’ higher education institutions. Around 4,000 local and foreign students are enrolled at its sites in Korç and Pogradec.

Fan Noli, a former Albanian prime minister and the father of the orthodox church, was honored by having the university named in his honor in 1994.

Bachelor’s degrees are available in six different fields at the Fan Noli campus in Korç. Agriculture, economics, commerce, teaching, nursing, and architecture are among them. On the other hand, Pogradec is home to only one department, which is tourism.

2. Nehemiah Gateway University

Minimum Annual Tuition: $806 (ALL 90,000)

This is the second on our cheapest universities in Albania for international students. “Helping and empowering individuals to sustainably form and control their life in dignity and freedom” is the school’s motto of Nehemiah Gateway University (NGU). It was founded in 2008 and is now headquartered in Rruga Nehemia, Albania.

NGU only confers a small amount of degrees due to its youth. It offers solely a Bachelor of Arts in Business as its only undergraduate degree. Finance, accounting, marketing, management, and human resources are all major topics in the curriculum.

A Master’s degree in Education is also available from NGU. The curriculum, which debuted in 2015, has a focus on leadership and evaluation. Among the topics covered are educational psychology, educational law, critical thinking, and professional ethics.

3. Eqrem Çabej University

Minimum Annual Tuition: $896 (ALL 100,000)

This is the third on our cheapest universities in Albania for international students.  The Eqrem Abej University, which is situated in Gjirokastr, is named after the linguist and academic Eqrem Abej. It is currently one of the nine higher education institutions in Albania that has received accreditation from the Students in Free Enterprise Organization.

In accordance with Memorandum No. 414 of the Albanian Government, the university was founded in 1991. This low-cost university in Albania generously awards scholarships to qualified candidates.

Three faculties are present. One is the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences, which houses 7 departments, including educational and teaching methodology, history, geography, and literature.

Contrarily, the College of Natural Sciences has 4 departments. These consist of Physics, Mathematics, Nursing, Biology-Chemistry, and Informatics.

Three departments make up the Faculty of Economics: Public Administration, Economic Policy, and Finance.

4. Tirana Business University

Minimum Annual Tuition: $896 (ALL 100,000)

This is the forth on our cheapest universities in Albania for international students. In 2010, Artan Hoxha, Enea Janko, and Gjergj Buxhukut, three optimistic individuals, formed the Tirana Business University (TBU). TBU became one of the country’s most up-to-date higher education institutions in 2014 thanks to additional investment by the Balfin Group.

TBU has two bachelor’s degree programs. One is business administration, which concentrates on management, accounting, finance, and marketing. The other is law, which supports the fields of administration, business law, property law, and labor relations.

Moreover, a Master of Science in Business Administration as well as Professional Master’s and Advanced Business Administration degrees are offered. For individuals who want to concentrate in Business Law, there is also a Master’s degree program available.

5. Polis University

Minimum Annual Tuition: $1,111 (EUR 1,000)

The next university on our list of the least expensive in Albania is Polis University, a private, for-profit college with its main campus in Tirana. Besnik Aliaj created and developed it in April 2006.

Knowledge, Technology, and Leadership are the three things Polis University wants its students to have. It strives to be among the top institutions in the Western Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean, guided by scientific innovation and excellence.

The institution provides four bachelor’s degree programs in art and design, computer science, civil engineering, and environmental studies. Its master’s degrees are available in Applied Design, Business Administration, Civil Engineering, Parametric Design, and Urban Environmental Management.

Polis University also offers a Ph.D. course in Architecture and Urban Planning.

6. Logos University College

Minimum Annual Tuition: $1,344(ALL 150,000)

The Institute of Vocational Training, which is now known as Logos University College, was founded in 2000. It has changed since then to become a university with three faculties.

Degrees in business management, tourism management, and finance & accounting are available through its faculty of economy. On the other side, its College of Applied Sciences oversees studies in the industries of Medical Labs and Applied Informatics.

The Faculty of Humanities and Linguistic Communication awards degrees in the areas of Languages and Literature, Pedagogy and Psychology, and last but not least, Theology and Culture.

In addition to having reasonable tuition costs, Logos University College also lets students pay in three payments. Also, deserving students receive a full scholarship from the university.

7. Metropolitan University of Tirana

Minimum Annual Tuition: $1,668 (EUR 1,500)

A private university, Metropolitan University of Tirana (UMT) is located in Albania. It is currently situated in Rruga e Dibrs, a neighborhood within Tirana, the capital of Albania.

A group of architects and engineers created UMT in 2011. As a result, it is a well-liked choice for international students who want to study engineering, architecture, and economics.

Despite being a young institution, UMT has received the designation of “Outstanding” from both the British Accreditation Agency and the Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education.

Construction engineering, architecture, computer engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, business administration, and economic informatics are among the bachelor’s degrees offered at UMT.

Also, this economical institution in Albania provides master’s degrees in banking & insurance, economics, digital marketing, financial engineering, informatics engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, telecommunications engineering, and data analytics.

8. Our Lady of Good Counsel University

Minimum Annual Tuition: $2,183 (EUR 1,963)

The Our Lady of Good Counsel University, sometimes referred to as UNIZKM by locals, is a private Catholic university located in the nation’s capital of Tirana.

In 2004, UNIZKM was created. There are currently four academic units. One is the Medical School, which confers degrees in dentistry, medicine, physical therapy, and nursing. Moreover, the Faculty of Pharmacy confers a Master of Pharmacy degree.

A bachelor program in business administration, political science, and international relations is available through the Faculty of Economics, Political, and Social Sciences. Moreover, it grants post-graduate degrees in International Relations & European Studies and Economics & Management.

The Faculty of Applied Sciences confers a Master of Architecture degree.

The majority of the university’s courses are coordinated with other institutions of higher learning, including, to mention a couple, the University of Rome and the University of Bari Aldo Moro.

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9. Bedër University College

Minimum Annual Tuition: $2,224 (EUR 2,000)

The Bedr University College opened its doors in 2011. The Council of Ministers and the Albanian Muslim Community provided assistance in its establishment.

There are two faculties there, and philology and education is one of them. It includes the departments of English Language & Literature, Educational Science, and Computer Science. The Faculty of Humanities, another division, is in charge of the law, islamic studies, and communication studies departments.

Both of these faculties offer post-graduate degrees in the areas of Counseling, Communication Sciences, Islamic Studies, English Language & Literature, and Law (International or Criminal).

The Bedr University College has a reputation for having a welcoming environment for international students. This low-cost institution in Albania currently has students from 15 different nations.

10. Epoka University

Minimum Annual Tuition: $2,777 (EUR 2,500)

This is the last on our cheapest universities in Albania for international students. Epoka University, a private, for-profit institution of higher learning with its headquarters in Tirana, Albania, is the last university on our list of the least expensive institutions in Albania. It was established in 2007 and received the proper certification in 2011 from the Albanian Agency for Accreditation of Higher Education. There are now 300 post-graduate and 1,100 undergraduate students enrolled.

There are three faculties at Epoka University. One is the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering, which confers degrees in Electronics & Digital Communication, Civil Engineering, and Computer Engineering.

On the other hand, it has programs in banking & finance, business administration, economics, business informatics, and international marketing & logistics management through its College of Economics and Administrative Sciences.

Moreover, it features a faculty of social sciences and law that confers degrees in law and political science & international relations.

According to the Webometrics Ranking of Global Universities, Epoka University is the top university in Albania.

I’m hoping that this piece on cheapest universities in Albania for international students would be helpful.


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