10 Cheapest Universities in Albania

Albania is a nation located in the Balkan peninsula. Famous for its castles and historical sites, the country has become a sought-after destination for higher education as well. This may be due to the fact that it is one of the countries with the highest literacy rates at 99.2% for men and 98.3% for women.

After the fall of communism, many schools were rebuilt and constructed in the country. As the education system progressed, more and more international students have trooped to Albania. After all, the country offers good tertiary education at a price cheaper than most European universities. In this article, we will be looking at cheap universities in Albania for international students.

What are the admission requirements for Albanian universities?

Undergraduate applicants must submit a certification of secondary education. They also need to pass the Albanian language exam.

Post-graduate students, on the other hand, need to surrender a transcript of their bachelor’s degree to be admitted to masters or doctorate programs.

How much is the tuition fee in Albanian universities?

Bachelor’s degree study fees range from $180 to about $4,450 per year. Post-graduate studies, on the other hand, usually cost about $6,674 per year.

Cheap Universities in Albania

1. Fan Noli University

Minimum Annual Tuition: $180 (ALL 20,000)
We start this list with the cheapest university in Albania which is Fan Noli University. Established in 1971, Fan Noli University is one of the ‘comparably older’ higher education institutes in Albania. It has campuses in Korçë and Pogradec, where approximately 4,000 local and international students are enrolled.

In 1994, the university was dedicated to the honor of Fan Noli, who is the former Albanian prime minister and founder of the orthodox church.

The Fan Noli campus in Korçë offers bachelor’s degrees in 6 disciplines. They are agriculture, economics, business, education, nursing, and architecture. Tourism, on the other hand, is the only department based in Pogradec.

Fan Noli also offers masters studies in the fields of education and agriculture.

2. Nehemiah Gateway University

Minimum Annual Tuition: $806 (ALL 90,000)
Nehemiah Gateway University (NGU) is a school that lives by the motto “helping and empowering people to sustainably shape and determine their lives in dignity and independence.” Established in 2008, it is currently based in Rruga Nehemia, Albania.

Being a young university, NGU only offers a limited number of degrees. Its only undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Arts in Business. It has a curriculum that focuses on finance, accounting, marketing, management, and human resources.

NGU also offers a Master’s degree in Education. The program, which was started in 2015, specializes in leadership and assessment. Subjects include educational psychology, educational legislation, critical thinking, and professional ethics, to name a few.

3. Eqrem Çabej University

Minimum Annual Tuition: $896 (ALL 100,000)
Located in Gjirokastër, the Eqrem Çabej University is named after linguist and scholar Eqrem Çabej. Currently, it is one of the 9 Albanian higher education institutions accredited by the Students in Free Enterprise Association.

The university was established in 1991 following the Albanian Government nr. 414 memorandum. This cheap university in Albania offers gracious scholarships to selected applicants.

It has three faculties. One is the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences, which has 7 departments: History, Geography, Literature, Foreign Languages, Albanian Language, Greek Languages, and Educational and Teaching Methodology.

The Faculty of Natural Sciences, on the other hand, has 4 departments. They include Biology-Chemistry, Nursing, Mathematics, and Informatics, and Physics.

The Faculty of Economics has 3 departments, namely Public Administration, Economic Policy, and Finance.

4. Tirana Business University

Minimum Annual Tuition: $896 (ALL 100,000)
The Tirana Business University (TBU) was founded in 2010 by three idealistic minds: Artan Hoxha, Enea Janko, and Gjergj Buxhukut. In 2014, the Balfin Group also invested in TBU, making it one of the modern higher educational institutions in the country.

TBU offers 2 Bachelor’s programs. One is Business Administration, which focuses on Marketing, Finance, Accounting, and Management. The other is Law, which promotes the disciplines of labor relations, property law, administration, and commercial law.

It also offers a Master’s of Science in Business Administration, plus Professional Master’s degrees in Business Administration and Advanced Business Administration. There’s also a Master’s degree program available for those who wish to specialize in Business Law.

5. Polis University

Minimum Annual Tuition: $1,111 (EUR 1,000)
Next on our list of cheapest universities in Albania is Polis University, a private, for-profit institution based in Tirana, Albania. It was founded and established by Besnik Aliaj in April 2006.

Polis University aims to provide “Knowledge, Technology and Leadership” amongst its students. Guided by scientific excellence and innovation, it aims to be one of the best institutions in the Western Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean.

The university offers 4 bachelor programs, namely Art & Design, Civil Engineering, Environmental Studies, and Computer Science. Its master’s degrees cover Parametric Design, Territorial Development, Business Administration, Applied Design, Civil Engineering, and Urban Environmental Management.

Polis University also offers a Ph.D. course in Architecture and Urban Planning.

6. Logos University College

Minimum Annual Tuition: $1,344(ALL 150,000)
Logos University College was established in 2000 as the Institute of Vocational Training. Since then, it has evolved into a university with three faculties.

Its Faculty of Economy offers degrees in Business Management, Tourism Management, and Finance & Accounting. Its Faculty of Applied Sciences, on the other hand, handles programs in the fields of Medical Laboratories and Applied Informatics.

Last is the Faculty of Humanities and Linguistic Communication, which confers degrees in the fields of Theology and Culture, Pedagogy and Psychology, and Languages and Literature.

Apart from offering affordable tuition fees, Logos University College permits its students to pay their tuition in three installments. As a bonus, exemplary students get to enjoy a 100% scholarship from the university.

7. Metropolitan University of Tirana

Minimum Annual Tuition: $1,668 (EUR 1,500)
The Metropolitan University of Tirana, also known as UMT, is a private higher education institution. It is currently located in Rruga e Dibrës, which is nestled in the Albanian capital of Tirana.

UMT was founded in 2011 by a group of architects and engineers. As such, it is a popular destination for international students who wish to study Architecture, Engineering, and Economics.

Despite being a relatively new university, UMT has been recognized as “Excellent” by the Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education and the British Accreditation Agency.

UMT offers bachelor’s degrees in Construction Engineering, Architecture, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Business Administration, and Economic Informatics.

This affordable university in Albania also offers Master’s degrees in Civil Engineering, Informatics Engineering, Data Analytics, Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Banking & Insurance, Economics, Digital Marketing, and Financial Engineering.

8. Our Lady of Good Counsel University

Minimum Annual Tuition: $2,183 (EUR 1,963)
The Our Lady of Good Counsel University, known to the locals as the Universiteti Katolik “Zoja e Këshillit të Mirë” or UNIZKM, is a private Catholic institution based in the capital of Tirana.

UNIZKM was established in 2004. To date, it has four academic units. One is the Medical School, which offers degrees in Nursing, Physiotherapy, Medicine, and Dentistry. There’s also the Faculty of Pharmacy, which offers a master’s degree in Pharmacy.

The Faculty of Economics, Political, and Social Sciences, on the other hand, offers baccalaureate courses in Business Administration and Political Science and International Relations. It also offers post-graduate degrees in Economics & Management and International Relations & European Studies.

As for the Faculty of Applied Sciences, it offers a Master’s degree in Architecture.

Most of the university’s courses are run in coordination with international schools, such as the University of Rome and the University of Bari Aldo Moro, to name a few.

9. Bedër University College

Minimum Annual Tuition: $2,224 (EUR 2,000)
Bedër University College was opened in 2011. It was established with the help of the Albanian Muslim Community and the Council of Ministers.

It has two faculties, one of which is Philology and Education. It covers the departments of Computer Science, Educational Science, and English Language & Literature. Another arm is the Faculty of Humanities, which governs the departments of Law, Islamic Studies, and Communication Studies.

Both of these faculties offer baccalaureate programs and post-graduate degrees in the fields of Law (International or Criminal), Communication Sciences, Islamic Studies, English Language & Literature, and Counselling.

Bedër University College boasts of an atmosphere that is said to be very conducive to international students. To date, this affordable Albanian university has enrollees coming from 15 countries around the globe.

10. Epoka University

Minimum Annual Tuition: $2,777 (EUR 2,500)
Our final university in the list of cheapest universities in Albania is Epoka University, a private, for-profit higher education institution based in Tirana, Albania. It was founded in 2007 and was duly certified by the Albanian Agency for Accreditation of Higher Education in 2011. To date, it has 1,100 undergraduate and 300 post-graduate students.

Epoka University has three faculties. One is the Faculty of Architecture and Engineering, which offers degrees in Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Electronics & Digital Communication.

Its Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, on the other hand, offers programs in Banking & Finance, Business Administration, Economics, Business Informatics, and International Marketing & Logistics Management.

It also has Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, which offers degrees in Political Science & International Relations and Law.

Epoka University is recognized as the best institution in Albania according to the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities.


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