Cheap Universities in Korea for International students

In this article, we will be looking at the cheap universities in Korea for international students. Before we do, we will be covering some questions that are related to this topic. So, let’s get started!

How do I apply to Universities in Korea?

This question is asked a lot by international students. The application procedure in Korean universities in very different from those of Canada and the USA, so you should familiarize yourself with it. If you are interested, we have written a detailed guide on it.


How do I Afford My Studies in Korea?

There are multiple ways that you can finance your education including scholarships, grants, work studies, and attending affordable universities in Korea. Some international students can completely afford Korean universities even if they come from a poor background.

What can I study in Korea?

You basically can study anything in South Korea since almost everything imaginable is taught by the Korean universities. There are some popular courses that are offered, and here are some:

Cheap Universities in Korea for International Students

1. SeoulTech

  • Undergraduate Tuition: $5,000
  • Graduate Tuition: $8,000

SeoulTech’s university motto is just three words: Sincerity, Creative, Cooperation. It emphasizes three primary goals, which are to facilitate creative education, to provide premier education in the humanities, and to provide a practical education that ensures student competency in the work force.

This university ranks well nationally, even placing first for best employment rates in four year colleges.

2. Handong Global University

  • Undergraduate Tuition: $7,175
  • Graduate Tuition: N/A

Handong Global University stresses instruction in the English language and while all programs of study require English language courses, five majors are taught entirely in English.

This cheap university in Korea also emphasizes international student learning and features something called “Communities.” These groups are based on regional and cultural backgrounds and are meant to help students feel at home. Handong University says it has 53 different communities, representing the same number of differing countries.

One interesting fact about Handong campus is that it actually features its own hair salon. For this reason, students need not worry about travelling far to correct their next bad hair day.

3. Soongsil University

  • Undergraduate Tuition: $7,500
  • Graduate Tuition: $7,500

Soongsil University is actually a Private Christian university located in the city of Seoul. It is considered to be the first modern university in Korea. It is well-known for majors like business and economics but has a total of 10 undergraduate schools with a variety of programs.

The school also offers graduate programs of study. The school has a smaller student body population, so students seeking a smaller school might find Soongsil to be an attractive option.

4. Korea University

  • Undergraduate Tuition: N/A
  • Graduate Tuition: Up to $7,280

Korea University is notable because it ranks 1st among private universities in Korea. The campus has several unique and interesting features, one of which is the Clock Tower located in the College of Liberal Arts.

At noon every day, this cheap university in Korea is filled with song as the clock chimes the university theme “Birds, birds, blue birds.” Another unique feature is the lighting on the Tower above LG-POSCO. In fact, the lighting color on the building will change to indicate stock prices: red if they rise, blue if they fall.

5. Yonsei University

  • Undergraduate Tuition: Up to $5,890
  • Graduate Tuition: Up to $7,630

Yonsei University is a historical, private university located in Seoul. It strives to unite the Christian faith with creativity and connectivity.

Both Asian-style and European-style buildings can be observed on campus. The building called “Gwanghyewon” was once a general hospital, but now houses archives and artifacts in the “Yonsei Archives.” The Iconic Yonhi Hall is said to hold the “cooperative spirit of the United States” and was built in collaboration with the American Air Force.

6. Seoul National University

  • Undergraduate Tuition: $5,330
  • Graduate Tuition: $6,000

Seoul National University is considered to be a public, liberal university and has a student body of roughly 30,000 students. Seoul National University also has the largest campus in Seoul with four collective campuses.

The main campus of this cheap university in Korea, Gwanak, has its own subway line, making transport easy and accessible for students and faculty. Gwanak also houses the university library which contains over 4 million different volumes.

The campus also has two museums. Sources say that Seoul is known for spending more money on its students than any other large university in the country.

7. Pusan National University

  • Undergraduate Tuition: Up to $2,535
  • Graduate Tuition: Up to $3,120

Pusan National University is the oldest public university in South Korea and totes a student body of roughly 26,000 students. The school is located in Busan, a metropolitan known for beautiful beaches, temples, and its unique geography.

Jagalchi market, which is the largest seafood market in Korea, is not a far trip from campus and neither is Taejongdae, a cliffside beach with an elevated view of the sea. Pusan is said to value “Truth, Freedom, and Service.”

The university stresses volunteer work and ways for its student body to give back to the community. The university is also part of the sustainability conversation and its multi-campus construction helped implement four new eco-friendly buildings.

8. University of Seoul

  • Undergraduate Tuition: $5,330
  • Graduate Tuition: Up to $8,400

It turns out that students looking for low tuition costs might have the University of Seoul to thank for affordable education in Korea.

In 2012, a mayoral declaration cut tuition at the University of Seoul to half price in an attempt to drive other universities to decrease their costs. The plan worked and, since then, tuition costs in Korea have been much more reasonable.

This one of the cheapest universities in Korea has modern architecture, even featuring a facility called the “21st century building.” The University of Seoul is one of Korea’s top universities. It has a student body of roughly 28,000 pupils who are dispersed into any of 15 colleges.

9. Sogang University

  • Undergraduate Tuition: $7,000
  • Graduate Tuition: $7,500

Sogang is a Catholic university located in Seoul. Sogang is surrounded by several college towns that offer students reprieve from their studies. One such town is Daehango, which offers theater and street artists as well as a smattering of restaurants that cater to the college clientele.

Another interesting selling point are the many bike trails accessible nearby. The school’s excellent location makes it a top choice for many international students and 40% of those students choose to live in the campus residence halls.

10. Hoseo University

  • Undergraduate Tuition: $6,800
  • Graduate Tuition: $6,800

Hoseo University is a private, Christian university that offers both graduate and undergraduate programs. This cheap university in Korea has the unique privilege of boasting a 100% pass rate for Nursing and National Examinations for the past five years!

The school has two main campuses: Asan and Cheonan, which are both located in South Korea. Another unique fact about Hoseo, is that it was the first university in the nation to establish a Student Business Incubator. The Incubator now effectively helps students start their own businesses.


I hope that this article on cheapest universities in Korea was helpful.



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