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Japan has been one of the developed countries in terms of development in the aspect of economy, wealth, industry, and technology. This is why international student have a strong reason to go to Japan for their studies courtesy of good quality education system. There have the best cheapest universities a student can think of.

Cost of Studying in Japan

Cost of studying in Japan solely on the student; managing and spending wisely will make your cost of living reduced to a minimal level. Living in Japan is far cheaper than living in most developed countries of the world. The average tuition fees in Japan range from 540,000 yen up to 750,000 yen or 5,100 USD up to 7,100 USD annually. Rent costs 138,000 yen up to 160,000 yen or 1,300 USD up to 1,515 USD along with monthly food expenses amounting approximately to 158,000 yen or 1500 dollars.

Are Universities Free in Japan?

In Japan now it is only preschool, primary and secondary education is free in Japan. It is only for its citizens and their government is still working to make it up to the stage of university level.

What are the languages of instruction for universities in Japan?

School in Japan uses Japanese or English for delivering lectures and other things. There used English as to meet up with international student.

Universities like the Tokyo institute of Technology and Hokkaido University offer separate brochures for degrees taught in English to meet up with international students.

Cheapest Universities in Japan for International Students

1. Hokkaido University

These are also one of the top research institutions in Japan. The university has run numerous project that address global problem for so many decades. This university collaborates with other university to have this same goal. There have agreement with countries like Asian countries and also Russian federation. There are more than 2200 international student in the university and there have plan to admit new ones.

Tuition Fee

Undergraduate Programs: 535,800 JPY ($5,076 USD)
Graduate Programs: 535,800 JPY – 804,000 JPY ($5,076 USD – $7,614)

2. Ritsumeikan University

This is another cheapest university we are going to talk about. There have three main campuses in Kyoto, Shiga and Osaka. Each of the campuses has their aim and their aspect of studies differs. The university as at now has 2400 international student. These three campuses help to make the university known around the world. There have world-class program that are taught in English language and this attracts international student to study in this prestigious university. This unique university also plays a very important role in research studies.

Tuition Fee

Undergraduate Programs: 631,900 JPY – 1,766,200 JPY ($5,994 USD – $16,752)
Graduate Programs: 1,350,000 JPY – 2,500,000 JPY ($12,804 USD – $23,707).

3. Hiroshima University

International student that study in this cheap university are into research work. There are over 2100 international student in this university. This is one of the top affordable universities for international student and this university has a long term plan or vision pledging to the global society about the implementation of sustainable peace leader enhancement by nurturing development of research.

Tuition Fee

Undergraduate Programs: 834,800 JPY ($7,886 USD)
Graduate Programs: 847,800 JPY ($8,007 USD)

4. Kobe University

This is a university in Japan that allows their student to voice out their opinion on any matter concerning the school. This university gives you the best experience you can ever had in another university and this makes you be among the best. There have the welfare of their student at heart, and this attract international student to their university.

Tuition Fee

Undergraduate Programs: 834,800 JPY ($7,886 USD)
Graduate Programs: 847,800 JPY ($8,007 USD).

5. Waseda University

This cheap university in Japan has basic facilities. There have world-class laboratories that attract international student worldwide. This is one of the private based universities in Japan. There have well-maintained buildings, facilities, and even restrooms, and aside from providing good and high-quality education for their students, international or domestic.

Tuition Fees

Undergraduate Programs: 871,000 JPY – 1,446,000 JPY ($8,266 USD – $13,725)
Graduate Programs: 2,934,000 JPY – 3,152,000 JPY ($27,850 USD – $29,918)

6. University of Tsukuba

This is one of the  cheapest universities in our list today and is one of the prestigious institution in Japan. Their area of specialization is in field like general and applied sciences in participation with educational and research organizations. There also wanted to bring Japanese culture to other student in the university so that it can contribute as much to the cultural society of Japan. This University of Tsukuba is the cheapest in the country.

Tuition Fee

Undergraduate Programs: 356,400 JPY – 535,800 JPY ($3,383 USD – $5,086)
Graduate Programs: 535,800 JPY – 817,800 JPY ($5,086 USD – $7,762)

7. Tokyo Institute of Technology

This university is top in the area of science and technology and with the aim of development and progress in terms of economy, power, and industry. As at now the university has over 1,700 international students with zeal to accept more to help them grow their economy. If you are a student and have zeal on discoveries and proving theories, this university is a destination place for you.

Tuition Fee

Undergraduate Programs: 535,800 JPY – 635,400 JPY ($5,076 USD – $6,020)
Graduate Programs: 535,800 JPY – 665,400 JPY ($5,076 USD – $6,302)

8. The University of Tokyo

This university deals mostly on research because universities in Japan are being noted for educational and research excellence in any filed. It is one of the cheapest universities that are in Japan and because of their research method with other countries attracts international students. Some important countries that partner with them in research are South Korea, China and other Asian countries. There have 4,267 international student studying in the university and there are still in need of more. There have well equipped laboratories that can enable you carry out research.

Tuition Fee

Undergraduate Programs: 535,800 JPY – 817,800 JPY ($5,076 USD – $7,748)
Graduate Programs: 520,800 JPY – 1,086,000 JPY ($4,934 USD – $10,287)


I hope this article will enlighten you on the cheapest university that is found in Japan. This might not be all, but am taking you through the best that offer cheapest tuition fees.

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