11 Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment

TE refers to equipment like routers, devices, and tools that are mostly utilized for telecommunications services. Additionally, a very large part of the economy that deals with information sharing is the telecom business. This sector, which has significantly expanded over the past few decades and shows no signs of slowing down, controls how people communicate with one another and how information is transmitted through technology, television, and even radio. The best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment have emerged as a result of this everyday need, along with other work prospects.

Additionally, top executive professionals hold the majority of the highest-paying positions in every area, including engineering, telecom equipment, and education. Some of them even pursue an MBA to advance to positions of leadership in their fields.

However, that doesn’t imply that you can’t make a good living with simply a bachelor’s degree.

What is telecommunication equipment?

As the Internet has grown, there has been a growing reliance on telecommunications infrastructure for data transit, blurring the line between telecoms equipment and IT equipment since the early 1990s.

Transmission lines, multiplexers, and base transceiver stations are examples of telecommunications equipment. It encompasses a wide range of communication tools, including phones, radios, and even computers.

What are the benefits of working in the telecommunication equipment industry?

Most of the highest-paying positions in the telecommunications industry also offer additional general perks. The reasons these best-paying jobs in telecommunication equipment are the most sought after in the sector include:

Innovative skills

In the telecommunications industry, there is always something new to learn because innovations, technological advancements, and improvements in business management skills all occur on a regular basis. In communications, there is never just one way to do something because there are always fresh possibilities available.

Job security

There are good chances of getting a job in telecommunication because the globe is gradually becoming into a computer town and almost everyone, if not everyone, deals with either. Because it is a career for the future, those working in the telecommunications industry have job security as a result.

Diverse Career field

There are good chances of getting a job in telecommunication because the globe is gradually becoming into a computer town and almost everyone, if not everyone, deals with either. Because it is a career for the future, those working in the telecommunications industry have job security as a result.

20 Best Telecom Companies to Work for

These are not just the best telecom companies to work for, they also employ the largest telecom workers.

  • Viasat
  • AT&T Inc
  • T-Mobile US
  • Verizon
  • Nippon Telegraph & Telephone Corp. (NTTYY)
  • Ruby Receptionists
  • China Mobile
  • Comcast
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Vodafone Group PLC (VOD)
  • Telefonica SA (TEF)
  • American Tower
  • KDDI Corp.
  • GCI General Communication, Inc
  • TDS Telecommunications Corp.
  • America Movil SAB de CV (AMX)
  • Orange SA (ORAN)
  • SoftBank
  • Bharti Airtel
  • Charter Communications

Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment

Here is a list of the highest paying positions in the telecom equipment industry that we could not have created without the assistance of bls.gov, ZipRecruiter, Glassdoor, and Zippia;

Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunications EquipmentAverage Annual Salary
1. Database Architect$123,430
2. Computer and Information Systems Managers$159,010
3. Antenna Engineer$100,260
4. Cloud Architect$195,124
5. Telecommunication Manager$90,900
6. Computer Network Architects$120,520
7. Instrumentation and Control Design Engineer$92,464
8. IC Design Engineer$128,912
9. Wireless Communications Engineer$92,119
10. Broadband Engineer$87,053
11. Telecommunication Line installers$39,090 – $108,380
Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment

1. Database Architect

Annual Median Salary (bls.gov): $123,430

Number of Jobs, 2021: 144,500

The database infrastructure of a business must be designed, reviewed, and analysed by a database architect. We both understand that a business cannot function without data, and the larger the business, the more data it generates and safeguards.

Because of the significance of this data, database architects are highly sought after and well compensated for their skills. One of the few sectors that consistently hires and pays Data Architects well is finance. Insurance companies, educational institutions, healthcare, government, and the financial sector are other examples.

2. Computer and Information Systems Managers

Annual Median Salary (bls.gov): $159,010

Hourly Wage: $76.45

Number of Jobs: 509,100

One of the best paying jobs in telecommunications equipment, this position oversees all computer-related operations for a business or organization. due to the fact that technology is rapidly expanding and that every firm, regardless of industry, wants a piece of this growth.

This makes the function of CIS Managers in any firm crucial because they will be responsible for carrying out and supervising daily computer tasks and suggesting essential updates.

CIS Although managers can work in many other fields, those that typically hire them are those in banking, insurance, manufacturing, and computer system design.

3. Antenna Engineer

Annual Median Salary (ZipRecruiter): $100,260

Hourly Wage: $48

The building, designing, constructing, and management of antennas used by satellite providers, radios, vehicles, televisions, phone providers, etc. are within the purview of antenna engineers. Additionally, this engineer is in charge of the communication tools used by the company.

Numerous sectors, including the public and private sectors, government and the military, as well as academic organizations, need antenna engineers.

4. Cloud Architect

Annual Median Salary (Glassdoor): $195,124

Since cloud technology is always changing, it takes a knowledgeable professional to keep up with the changes. One of the highest paying positions in the telecommunications industry is the cloud architect, who is in charge of managing all operations at the cloud service, including problem-solving, design, and implementation.

Cloud architects are needed by organizations such as cloud computing corporations, IT providers, manufacturing firms, tech research, video game developers, design firms, and healthcare providers.

5. Telecommunication Manager

Annual Median Salary (ZipRecruiter): $90,900

Hourly Wage: $44

A Telecom Manager’s responsibilities extend beyond the creation, configuration, and design of telecommunications equipment; they also include overseeing the efficient performance of other junior employees. Consequently, they must develop strategic plans and evaluate workable budgets for machinery, devices, and services.

6. Computer Network Architects

Annual Median Salary (bls.gov): $120,520

Hourly Wage: $57.94

Number of Jobs, 2021: 174,800

All types of data communication networks must be designed and constructed by a computer network architect. Whether they are restricted WANs (Wide Area Networks), sizable LANs (Local Area Networks), or intranets.

These professionals are employed by a variety of industries, including the financial, insurance, and telecommunications sectors. Additionally, they collaborate with IT professionals.

7. Instrumentation and Control Design Engineer

Annual Median Salary (Zippia): $92,464

Hourly Wage: $44.45

An engineer who designs, manages, maintains, installs, and controls devices used in engineering systems is known as a C&I engineer. These professionals are needed in numerous fields, including medical technology, electronics, manufacturing, etc.

8. IC Design Engineer

Annual Median Salary (ZipRecruiter): $128,912

Hourly Wage: $62

The professional in this position is in charge of creating new integrated circuits for use in communication systems, making it one of the highest paying occupations in the telecommunications equipment industry. Transistors, operational amplifiers, fitting amplifiers, capacitors, multiplexers, electronic oscillators, voltage regulator integrated circuits, etc. are some of these integrated circuits.

Together with electronic engineers, product engineers, design verification engineers, etc., an IC (Integrated Circuit) Design Engineer can create electronic devices.

9. Wireless Communications Engineer

Annual Median Salary (ZipRecruiter): $92,119

Hourly Wage: $44

A Wireless Communication Engineer is responsible for researching, developing, installing, and configuring wireless equipment for new devices.

10. Broadband Engineer

Annual Average Salary (ZipRecruiter): $87,053

Hourly Wage: $41.85

This is another top paying job in telecommunications equipment, as a Broadband Engineer, you’re responsible for installing, repairing, and maintaining telecom systems.

11. Telecommunication Line installers

Annual Salary: $39,090 – $108,380

You are in charge of maintaining and putting in new cables and communication equipment as a line installer. They can find employment with construction firms, electric utilities, and the telecommunications sector.


You have observed that there are numerous best paying jobs in the telecommunications industry; all you need to do is choose one to concentrate on and finish. Additionally, you should be aware that these pay rates vary by region, state, or province and by your level of skill.

Best Paying Jobs in Telecommunications Equipment – FAQs

Is telecommunications a good career?

Yes, a career in telecommunications is a good choice, but you must give it your all because that will also determine how bright your future is.

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