Free Learning Tools and Resources For Students

Learning is essential for success in life. Learning is difficult to attain, but there are many useful tools and resources available for students which are helpful in learning. Many people find it tough but learning can greatly improve with the use of appropriate tools and resources. In this blog post, you will get comprehensive detail about free learning tools and resources for students.

Benefits of free learning tools and resources

Learning plays an important role in everyone’s life to attain achievement. Resources are a great way to expand your learning abilities. These resources are easily found online and are free to use. Most require a log-in, but you can also download free apps that provide access to learning materials in various formats. Technology can bring reform in society and aid in the learning process.
Nowadays e-books blog posts, magazines, and videos are all available online. Various websites offer free courses to bring revolutionized study techniques. All you need is a computer with internet access. There’s an abundance of free online material available for students interested in improving their skills. Websites offer free and paid courses to boost study techniques.

Why you should consider free learning tools and resources instead of physical classes?

Sites for free online education help you study courses in a convenient location. The courses on these sites are offered by top universities. You can learn specific topics without much investment. These sites offer many audios, videos, articles, and eBooks to expand your knowledge. These platforms allow you to study the best free online courses.
This learning platform provides high-quality educational materials. It covers many topics such as education, development, and technology. This article will help you explore new topics and expand everyone’s knowledge. Read the article thoroughly to know more about learning tools.

Free online learning tools and resources for students

Students use a variety of tools when studying. Many of these are apps, websites, and books that help in studies. These tools are useful for learning. They provide a chance to improve your understanding of a topic and can help you succeed in your studies. Many students fail to take advantage of these resources due to a lack of knowledge or motivation. However, these resources are useful for anyone who wants to improve their understanding of subjects.
Here, we’ll highlight online learning tools and resources for students. Whether it’s time management, custom quizzes, educational games, or other learning tools, these sites and apps help students.

Khan Academy

Another popular and beneficial online training platform is Khan Academy. If you wish to grasp and comprehend basic concepts in any field of study, this framework is for you. This astonishing platform is popular among parents and students. This excellent platform accesses world-class courses with instructional videos. When you create an account, you would be questioned to choose subjects of interest, and Khan Academy would then able you through the course as well as suggest other connected courses you can take online.
Khan Academy also offers PSAT and SAT test prep that meets the standards of the best colleges and universities. This versatile tool can also be used for mobile learning on multiple platforms.

Rephrase tool

Rephrasing is considered an adorable learning tool. It could assist you in improving your writing. Copywriting is a beneficial writing skill, especially in research papers. When you rephrase you can write the entire content in your own words. Without manipulating the overall meaning of your text. The rephrasing tool can help you properly to rephrase the text. Use the rephasing tool to rewrite well-optimized and unique content.
A paraphrasing tool will speed up the process and improves the overall quality of the work and give you more versatile ideas. The paraphrase tool helps you modify the words in your text depending on the context. It basically helps you rewrite the article in your own words without the hassle of writing about a particular topic.

Code academy

Code academy is included in one of the best online learning platforms for students. It is a free online platform in the United States that teaches several programming languages. Codeacademy offers a wide range of coding classes and questionnaires to assist you in understanding programming quickly. This online platform provides Javascript, Swift, Python, Go, Sass, Java, Go, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, and C++, C# courses, in addition to HTML and CSS programming languages.
It provides courses for anyone to take without needing any previous experience. They help people learn with codes and other computer programs without restricting them to a computer. This is especially helpful for students to learn to program. These courses make it easier for everyone to learn new things.


Online education is the future of education. Students are increasingly choosing to learn via online courses instead of attaining physical classes. This trend is because these courses are much more convenient and accessible. Coursera has made it easy for students to learn new things efficiently. Coursera allows people to take a course without needing any previous experience. Online courses can help people get into any kind of career they’d like without needing any training or experience.
Online classes can be taken any time of the day or night and don’t disrupt the schedule as much as physical classes. Students also tend to do much better on online courses than on physical ones. This is because the internet is much more reliable than a physical location. You should prefer online courses to gain new skills.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar can help students to find information more quickly. Google Scholar provides an easy way to comprehensively search scholarly literature. You can search multiple disciplines and sources from one place articles, thesis, books, abstracts, academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities, and other websites. Google Scholar can help you find relevant jobs in academic research. Google has developed a plugin for Chrome, and Firefox that allows you to search and cite articles easily.
Writing a thesis, and research paper are very difficult. Paraphrasing is an important writing skill, especially in academic or research papers. The Rephrasing tool allows students to rewrite their document, content, or article using advanced technology without consuming too much time thinking about alternative wording.

Research gate

ResearchGate is a helpful tool for students in their research. It has grown into a professional network popular with scientists and researchers in a short period. ResearchGate indexes use automated crawling algorithms to extract bibliographic data, citations, and other scholarly article information from a variety of sources.
However, it has been observed that the two platforms often display different publication and citation dates for the same institutions, journals, and authors. Research articles and thesis writing can be daunting tasks but the students can focus on their thoughts and ideas without worrying about how they will write. Rephrasing tools allow the students to focus on their thoughts and ideas without worrying.


Learning is essential for success in life. Everyone benefits from online education sources. These resources help people learn new things easily without needing any previous experience. Students are also increasingly choosing online courses over physical classes due to their convenience and accessibility. Online courses are the future of education. Students learn through memorization and the acquisition of knowledge. Online education is great for students who want to learn new things. Hope this article assists you in exploring the free learning tools and resources for students.

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