Ways to Use Airtel Youtube Night Data Bonus Bundle

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This fantastic communication network, known as Airtel Nigeria, is one of the best and largest telecommunications network providers in the nation of Nigeria. It offers its kind subscribers a great pack of bonus data, and this data helps a lot in streaming live YouTube videos at night only during the hours that are specified by the network. Now, if you have an Airtel You Tube Night Data Plan in your Airtel Sim card, one of the questions that may be on your mind is how to use it. You will learn all there is to know about using Airtel’s YouTube Night Data in this post, along with many other perks of choosing Airtel Nigeria.

Airtel has an unique package for Nigerians who love to binge-watch YouTube, especially at night.
For a nominal charge, you can stream for as long as you want between the hours of 1 am and 5 am once you activate it. The Airtel YouTube Night streaming has two plans (1) weekly and (2) monthly.

1.) Weekly: For unlimited YouTube videos all night for N150 valid for 7 days.

2.) Monthly: For unlimited YouTube Night streaming for N300 valid for 30 days.

Activating Airtel Youtube Weekly and Night Plan

To activate you need to dial the USSD code: 

  1. Weekly: *323*22#
  2. Monthly: Dial *323*21#
  3. Balance inquiry: *410#

You can now start enjoying the Airtel YouTube Night Plan which is ridiculously affordable.

According to its name, Airtel YouTube Night Data, it is available to both new and current Airtel users and may only be utilized at night. Airtel offers YouTube night data starting at 12 a.m., and once it is 5 a.m., you will be disconnected, further data deductions will begin from your active data plan, and Airtel will no longer offer YouTube night data because it has passed the allotted time in the night. However, don’t worry—you can still use Airtel YouTube night data the following night. Only watching YouTube videos, not downloading them, is permitted with the YouTube night plan. Your data will be reduced by Airtel when you begin downloading any video.

Airtel youtube night data is a special package to all Airtel customer who subscribe for data plan above N500 and if you don’t subscribe above N500 to enjoy data in the night on Airtel network.

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How to use YouTube Night bonus on Airtel Step by Step

As we have earlier let you know in this wonderful article on Airtel youtube night data, Airtel gives free data for watching videos on youtube only in the night when you buy a data bundle above N500. However, another way to subscribe for night data bundle on Airtel network for doing anything online from 1AM to 5AM is by dialing *312*3# and follow the prompts.

Before you start using Airtel youtube night data, you should firstly know your available balance by dialing *140#. Then after that, simply follow the step by step guides below for how to use youtube night data on Airtel.

1. Insert your Airtel Sim card to your browsing device.

2. Open your data connection, for example, wi-fi, modem, ethernet etc.

3. After 1AM (midnight), then start watching any video you like on youtube

4. While youtube night data bundle is in your sim card, you can download and upload any video of your choice during the night

5. Stop watching video on Youtube once it is 5AM if you don’t want to use you main data bundle, i.e, Airtel night data lasts from 1AM to 5AM

6. Airtel night data bundle is untransfferable, for example, you cannot share it with other SIM card regardless of any type of network

7. It expires concurrently in the same way that your main data bundle will expire

8. If you are not getting Youtube night data while you are subscribing for a data plan above N500 regularly, then you can contact your customer care for correcting something for you on your SIM card by dialing 111.

Best of all, the good news is that Airtel YouTube night data bonus can be used on any type of network coverage, I.e, you can enjoy Airtel YouTube night data bonus even though you are not migrating your Airtel sim from 3G to 4G.

Note: Before using Airtel Youtube Night Data please close other apps that can have access to using your main data, like watsapp and others, once there are closed there won’t get access to your main balance while using your Airtel Youtube Night Data and always check your data balance always.

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    1. Which plan is now good for using YouTube night bonus cos this is giving me. I don’t know how I ll have such a big amount in my YouTube night bonus and still be using my main data to download things. If you people don’t want to be giving the bonus then stop giving it and stop deceiving people with it. I thought I was the only person with this issue but the comments here shows Airtel is just doing it on purpose.. Not fair at all

    2. YouTube night plan is only used to watch videos on YouTube and not to download them. They will deduct your data when u start downloading any video. It was made strictly for watching and streaming videos on YouTube only.
      Know this and know peace.

  1. I started downloading around past 2, but still my YouTube night is not working instead is being download from my active data

      1. I have Airtel YouTube day but Don’t know when to use it.
        I tried using it day time my active data was deducted same as this night.past 1:00am

    1. What I have observed is they take from my main data and deduct just a little from the YouTube Night data. These Airtel guys are very smart.

  2. That is really what I am here to cmplain, they wouldn’t deduct from the youtube data, they deduct from my main data instead, I am tired of this please, Airtel should fix this.

      1. You people are deducting my main data rather than the YouTube midnight data.And according to ur reply to other comments,I want to the best plan for retrieving my midnight YouTube data

  3. you guys are always deducting from my main balance each time i watch or download was giving a YouTube night bonus i was unable to use it till it expired now again day time bonus too was unable to use that too pls if you don’t want to give let us know cuz this is annoying

  4. I have Almost 20000MB and I can’t download with it what the fuck they always deduct my main data if I want to download in midnight please you guys should fix something

  5. Why is it that my Airtel midnight subscription for YouTube is not working instead my main data will be wasting
    The most painful part is that I have almost 20786 mb and it will expire on 10th july,yet I have not use any of it,

    Even the Spotify bonus is not working

    Please Airtel company please endeavor to do the needful

  6. Is not working oo
    I have tried using the ytube midnight data no way instead u deduct from my normal data
    This is not fair atall

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