Cheapest Universities in Scotland for International Students

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Scotland is a country with a population of up to 5,373,000 people and is a country inside United Kingdom and covers part of Britain. There have some of the oldest and mostly cheapest universities in the world.


Scotland has the world best research institution compared to some of the countries in the world today. There have world class facilities for international and local students. Scotland is a nice and better place to pursue a degree abroad especially when going for cheapest universities in Scotland.


Scotland has a dramatic landscape, remote wilderness and challenging golf. Scotland gives you experience while studying there. As international students you will not regret studying in any cheapest universities in Scotland.


Living cost in Scotland is more affordable compared to any other country in U.K. In Scotland household cost can be 30% lower when compared to London and 20% less when compared to U.k.

Is English Language allowed at Scottish Universities?

As international students you can study any courses in English language. You must also meet IELTS requirements of 6.0.

Other test you will be meeting will be PTE, Cambridge exams and TOEFL-IBT etc

Cheapest Universities in Scotland

1. Queen Margaret University

The annual minimum tuition fees for this Queen Margaret University are USD: $17,671 (£14,500). This is the first cheapest university in Scotland we are going to talk about.

The university is situated in Musselburg and it was established in the year 1875. Queen Margaret University was name after the wife of the great King Malcolm III name Saint Margaret.

The university was previously naming Edinburg School of Cookery and Domestic Economy. Their aim was that the university was for female students. But now the institution is one of the cheapest universities in Scotland for international students. 

The university has their most post-graduate degree and also undergraduate degree in three different schools which include: School of Health Sciences, School of Arts and Social Sciences and the School of Governance. This great cheapest university in Scotland has seven different research centers and there also has Scottish Center for Food Development and Innovation and institute for Health and Development. This is a renowned cheapest university in Scotland for international students.

2. Edinburgh Napier University (ENU)

Edinburgh Napier University (ENU) has a Minimum annual tuition fee of USD: $18,189 (£14,925). 

Next in our least of cheapest university in Scotland is the Edinburg Napier Technical College. The institution was name after a great Scottish mathematician John Napier. The university was established in the year 1964. There have three major campuses.

The Business School is located on the Craiglockhart campus. The Schools of Art and Creative Studies, Computing and Engineering, and the Built Environment, on the other hand, are all situated on the Merchiston campus.

The School of Health & Social Care and Applied Sciences are located on the Sighthill campus.

3. Glasgow Caledonian University

This cheapest university in Scotland has a Tuition Fee from GBP 12,250 ($17,126) per year for undergraduate programs. And the tuition fees for graduate program are GBP 14,500 ($20,271) per year.

This cheapest university is also called GCU or CALEY. This public institution is based in Glasgow, Scotland and it is one of the cheapest universities we are going to talk about. This cheapest university was established in the year 1993, not very long. It has tuition fees of around $17,100 a year. This university is the first school that offered Engineering, Information Technology and School for Computing science. There also have school of business and society; this school managed the school of law, and social sciences. 
4. University of Abertay Dundee

The University of Abertay Dundee Minimum annual tuition fee in around USD: $17,062 (£14,000). The institution was established in the year 1888 and it was founded as Dundee institute of Technology. The university is one of the cheapest universities in Scotland and is a public institution.

It offers a total of 32 undergraduate’s degrees and 7 postgraduates programs. This university is a top modern university in the Scotland. This institution is a cheap institution for gamers that wish to study. This university was the first in 1997 to offer a computer game degree. It has a course in Ethical Hacking. 

5. University of Dundee

Estimated minimum annual tuition fee for the University of Dundee is USD: $18,220 (£14,950). It is a public research institution that was established in the year 1881. The university main campus is situated in the city of West Dundee. They have renowned faculties like the Dundee school of Law, Dundee dental hospital, Duncan of Jordanstone, College of Art and Design, and the Dundee Dental Hospital. It is regarded as the 5th best university in Scotland. It has a high level education for international students.

6. Heriot-Watt University (HWU)

Heriot-Watt University (HWU) Minimum annual tuition fee in USD: $18,378 (£15,080). 

This cheapest university in Scotland is the 6th in our list of cheapest university in Scotland. It was established in the year 1821. This institution is the first world mechanics institution. It offers a planning and building degree courses. The institution has 5 campuses, three are in Scotland and the remaining is in Asia. There have degrees in the following field Business, Textiles and Design, Mathematical and Computer Science, Social Science, Engineering and Physical Science, and Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure, and Society. HWU presently has 10,000+ students in Edinburgh – and 31,000 more on campuses in Scotland, Dubai, and Malaysia, its world-renowned curriculum and low tuition is an attribute.

7. Robert Gordon University (RGU)

Robert Gordon University is next on our list of Scotland’s cheapest universities for overseas students. RGU is a public university in Aberdeen that was created in the 18th century. It is named for Robert Gordon, a Scottish trader and philanthropist.

RGU sits on the Garthdee campus and is 57 acres in size. The Aberdeen Business School, Gray’s School of Art, and the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and Built Environment are among the 11 academic faculties housed in a number of buildings. In the fields of architecture, pharmacy, journalism, and health professions, the institution is regarded as the best in Scotland.

  1. University of Stirling

The University of Stirling is a public university with 8,565 undergraduate and 3,935 graduate students. It was established in the year 1967 by a royal charter. The university is situated in the Scottish Central Belt and has a lovely 330-acre campus. The university minimum annual tuition fee is USD: $15,965 (£13,100)

The Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences and Sport, and the Stirling Management School are the five schools that make up this low-cost university in Scotland.

In collaboration with Hebei Normal University in China and the Singapore Institute of Management, it also provides degree programs.

I hope you find this article on cheapest university in Scotland helpful.


Cheapest Universities in Scotland for International Students
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