5 Cheapest Universities in Iceland for International Students

With picturesque surroundings, and snow-capped glaciers at the backdrop turned Iceland as one of the unique geological destinations on the globe visited by millions of people, that’s why we will be talking about cheapest university in Iceland.

Iceland created a solid image for it by offering an active and exciting student life to national and international students. education in Iceland is one of the highly recognized academic opportunity which international students can take advantage of to make a glorying career ahead. In this article, we will be looking at affordable universities in Iceland.

The Icelandic system of education is popular for its progressive approach. Those pursuing education in Iceland found that the entire education structure advocates openly an equal opportunity for all, irrespective of the background they belong to. Around 5% of the total students in Iceland are from overseas countries.

If you are interested in pursuing your higher studies from the universities of Iceland then a few things are worth knowing for you. Irrespective of fact that the prime language in which classes are taken is Icelandic, the University of Iceland is offering multiple study programs that are delivered completely in English and are made open for international students’ admission.

Aside from this, all Icelandic universities are offering reputable programs taught in English of various streams that include Sciences, Arts, Business and also Law. public state universities collect registration fees instead of tuition fees and welcome students who completed upper secondary education.

To study in Iceland, you will need to know multiple things such as the application procedure and application requirements.

Options of higher education programs in Iceland:

Bachelor degrees: 3 to 4 years duration
Candidatus degree: 4 to 6 years duration
Masters degrees: 2 years duration
Doctorate degrees: Duration depended on the time taken by the student for submitting the thesis
The cost of education is an important point to consider especially for international students to arrange scholarships and educational loans for their studies in their nation. There are both public and private universities in Iceland and there is variation in the cost structure too. We picked 5 affordable universities in Iceland where one can have quality education at an affordable cost.

In addition, there are ways that you can study in Iceland for free, which many international students have taken advantage of.

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Cheap universities in Iceland

1. University of Iceland

Languages in which lectures are delivered: English and Icelandic
Fees for International students: 743 USD (Registration fee) + 55 USD (handling and processing- Non-refundable)
The University of Iceland is one of the progressive educational and scientific institutions of Iceland which was founded in the year 1911. It is very popular among the global community for scientific research.

Located at the heart of Reykjavík, the capital city of the nation This cheapest University of Iceland is a public university. It offers 400 programmes on fields like Social Sciences, Humanities, Health Sciences, Education, Natural Sciences and also Engineering.

2. University of Akureyri

Languages in which lectures were given: English and Icelandic
Fees for International students: 743 USD (Registration fee) + 55 USD (handling and processing- Non-refundable)
The University of Akureyri is one of the youngest and cheapest universities in Iceland, and it is located in Akureyri. It was established in the year 1987 and offers several undergraduate and graduate-level courses.

There are 3 schools under this university which are Humanities and Social Sciences, Health Sciences, and Business and Science. The university specializes in arctic studies and offers a friendly atmosphere and personalized study environment for foreign students.

3. Hólar University College

Languages in which lectures are given: English and Icelandic
Fees for International students: 743 USD (Registration fee) + 55 USD (handling and processing- Non-refundable)
Hólar University College is one of the specialized institutions for higher education and offers undergraduate and postgraduate education. There are three disciplines taught in this university which are Equine Studies, Aquaculture and Fish Biology, and Tourism Studies.

4. Agricultural University of Iceland

Languages in which lectures are given: English and Icelandic
Fees for International students: 743 USD (Registration fee) + 55 USD (handling and processing- Non-refundable)
The Agricultural University of Iceland (AUI) was established on 1st January 2005. It is a notable educational as well as research institution having great popularity in the field of agriculture and environmental sciences. It is also known as “University of Life and Land”.

The University is offering BA degrees in Agricultural Sciences, Nature and Environmental Sciences, Equine Sciences, Restoration Ecology and Management, and Landscape Planning and Architecture, and Forest Science. Postgraduate degrees and Ph.D. are also offered by the university.

The 2 faculties of this University are “The Faculty of land and Animal Resources”, and the other one is “The Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Department of Vocational Programmes and Lifelong Learning”.

5. Reykjavík University

Languages in which lectures are given: English and Icelandic
Fees for International students: 26,400 USD (Tuition fee) + administration/service fee
Reykjavík University is Iceland’s largest private university having 3,500+ students. This cheap university in Iceland is supported by the Chamber of Commerce, the Confederation of Icelandic Employers and the Federation of Icelandic Industries.

It houses four academic schools which are School of Computer Science, School of Law, School of Business, and the School of Science and Engineering. Lecturers are given both in English and Icelandic.

The university has gotten the recognition of a university in the year 1998 and has 320 Academic staff.

The above universities of Iceland are known for offering quality education to domestic and international students and offer admission to exchange students at the cheapest rate. Depending on the subject which you want to study at the universities in Iceland you need to choose the university. All required formalities for the exchange students need to be fulfilled to get admission.

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I hope that this article on cheapest universities in Iceland was helpful!

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