10 Cheapest Universities in Qatar for International Students

Cheapest Universities in Qatar

This great article is on Cheapest Universities in Qatar for International Students. The Middle Eastern nation of Qatar takes pleasure in being one of the richest nations in the world. The nation had a quick rise in development and riches because to its efficient fuel commerce. This article is on cheapest universities in Qatar.

With this astounding economic growth, the nation has decided to effectively invest in reforming and globalizing its higher education system. These educational and social reforms have been driven by influential personalities like Sheikha Moza bint Nasser. We’ll talk about cheapest universities in Qatar.

There are more and more top-notch universities in Qatar, including the Hammad Bin Khalifa University and the Qatar University (which currently holds rank in the Times Higher Education Top 500 global universities).

Along with these elite institutions, the nation is home to many international campuses of foreign universities, including illustrious names like Carnegie Mellon University, Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, Cornell University’s Weill Cornell Medical School, and Georgetown University School of Foreign Service.

These cheapest universities in Qatar are situated in the renowned Education City in Qatar, a project that comprises a variety of educational facilities ranging from elementary schools to research institutes.

But the cost of this exceptional academic success is not usually high. In fact, several universities in the nation provide affordable tuition rates, not to mention the availability of other funding options.

The institutions in Qatar that have low and extremely affordable tuition prices for their students are listed in this post purely for your consideration.

Is there Free Education in Qatar?

Unfortunately, higher education in Qatar is not entirely free (unless students are awarded a 100% scholarship from an institution or from their home country), despite the universities’ excellent reputations for teaching. Tuition must be paid throughout a student’s academic career.

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How much does it usually cost to study in Cheapest Universities in Qatar?

This number typically varies depending on the higher education facility a student is attending. Local and international students often pay the same tuition, which amounts to about QR 72,000 (about $19,800) per semester. Aside from the price of tuition, Qatar is known for having a high standard of life and a high cost of living.

Are there any scholarship opportunities for students?

There are, indeed! Most of the institutions in Qatar offer a wide range of scholarships, bursaries, and funding options for students, both domestic and foreign, in addition to having low tuition prices. The Islamic Scholarships and the state scholarships offered by the GCC are two examples. Additionally, scholarships are available from the nation where the application is being submitted.

Cheapest Universities in Qatar

1. University of Qatar

Undergraduate tuition fee: $16,000

This is the first on our list of cheapest universities in Qatar. In Doha, Qatar, there is a public research institution called the University of Qatar. This affordable university in Qatar educates more than 15,000 students, both domestic and foreign, and is the only government-run institution in the nation.

Although a large variety of courses, particularly in the business, engineering, and natural science courses, are offered in English, the degrees are primarily administered in Arabic. Freshmen in undergraduate programs often must enroll in a “foundation program” to learn the basics of algebra, the English language, and computing technologies.

In addition, 35% of the university’s student body represents more than 52 different countries. One of the most affordable institutions in Qatar for foreign students is one you should check into, and the good news is that it offers a ton of scholarships to foreign students.

2. Stenden Qatar University

Undergraduate tuition fee: $23,000

The Stenden Qatar University is a global affiliate of the renowned Dutch Stenden University of Applied Sciences. It is situated in Bin Omran, Doha. As a joint venture between Al Rayyan Education and Stenden University, the Qatar campus was founded in 2000.

Around 500 students enroll in three Bachelor’s degree programs at this new, inexpensive institution in Qatar, including international business, international hospitality management, and tourism management.

An agreement was reached with the Qatar Tourism Authority to strengthen the nation’s tourism through proper education and guide licensing, therefore tourism is a major focus of the university’s educational system.

3. Texas A&M University – Qatar Branch

Undergraduate tuition fee: $27,000

The Texas A&M University of Qatar, a private international institution founded in 2003, is situated in Al Rayyan’s Education City. The university was established to “import high quality education from the United States to Qatar using the oil and natural gas wealth of the small Persian Gulf nation” and now educates over 600 undergraduate and graduate students.

Particular emphasis is placed on these fields of study, including chemical, mechanical, electrical, and petroleum engineering.

The criteria for admission at this affordable institution in Qatar are similar to those at TAMU in the US. Additionally, about 30% of the student body is made up of foreign students, and the university is proud to have one of the largest percentages of women enrolled in engineering programs (at 40%).

4. Virginia Commonwealth University – Qatar (VCUArts Qatar)

Undergraduate tuition fee: $32,000

The Virginia Commonwealth University is the United States’ Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Arts’ Qatari affiliate, which was founded in 1998. It was the first institution of higher learning to open in Doha, Qatar’s Education City.

Under the Bachelor of Fine Arts, the VCUArts Qatar provides several degrees in areas like as graphic design, fashion design, interior design, painting and printmaking, as well as design and art history.

As of 2019, the university provides courses to a small group of 400 students who represent more than 35 different countries. It’s interesting to note that the VCUArts was first a women’s-only school of higher learning before opening its doors to men in 2008. Since then, it has developed into one of Qatar’s most renowned art institutions.

5. Northwestern University – Qatar Branch

Undergraduate tuition fee: $ 57,000

The prestigious Northwestern University of the United States’ foreign campus is called Northwestern University Qatar (NU-Q). The university was established in 2008 and is situated in Doha’s Education City. It gives its students a concentrate on media studies and the liberal arts.

Journalism, communication, and strategic communication are all available as undergraduate degrees. The key difference between these degrees and those offered on the campus in the United States is that the Qatar campus uses a 15-week semester calendar instead of a 10-week quarter calendar.

Students at NU-Q have the option of visiting Northwestern University’s main campus in Illinois. Additionally, NU-Q students have access to courses offered by particular universities in Education City, which is another special benefit.

6. Carnegie Mellon University – Qatar

Undergraduate tuition fee: $58,000

The Carnegie Mellon University, situated in Education City, opened its doors in 2004 and is Qatar’s fourth overseas campus. Although many PhD studies are being done at the university, undergraduate students are its main focus. provides degrees that are comparable to those at its main campus in Pittsburgh. Business administration, information systems, computer science, and biological sciences all provide undergraduate degrees.

At the moment, it educates more than 400 students who from from more than 38 different nations. Additionally, the university has an extensive and diverse alumni network with over 800 members among 11 graduation classes.

7. Georgetown University

Undergraduate tuition fee: $55,000

In the Education City of Doha, Georgetown University of the United States opened its international campus in 2005. A collaboration between Georgetown University and the Qatar Foundation provides funding for GU-Qatar.

Over 400 students can choose from the university’s current degree offerings. The Bachelor of Science in Foreign Service, which has four majors including Culture and Politics, International History, and International Economics, is the entry-level degree provided by GU-Qatar.

The Center for International and Regional Studies, a renowned research center that specializes in addressing problems in the Middle Eastern region, is also located on the site. With numerous student organizations available, students also have access to a very active students union.

8. Hamad Bin Khalifa University

Undergraduate tuition fee: From $50

Public university Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) is situated in Doha’s Education City. The institution, which is a part of the Qatar Foundation of Education, Science, and Community Development, was just founded in 2010 and has since expanded to encompass a diverse student body of more than 700.

The institution offers a wide range of degrees, including ones in law, the life sciences, translation studies, Islamic studies, and sustainable development.

Research at HBKU is essential to the institution’s growth and ethos and plays a crucial role in shaping Qatar’s integrity. Only 38% of the population at the university are Qataris, despite the fact that students at the institution represent over 50 other countries.

9. Community College of Qatar

Undergraduate tuition fee: $20,000

In order to support the development of the nation by partially achieving the nation’s educational objectives, the Community College of Qatar was founded in 2010 as a component of the Qatar National Vision 2030. Together with the Houston Community College, it was constructed.

The primary goal of CCQ is to offer a broad range of educational options to its students, including 2-year academic diploma programs that will allow students to move to 4-year university programs full-time.

This affordable institution in Qatar also provides 2+2 academic programs and career-oriented programs that will enable students to fulfill the needs of the nation’s labor force. The college is currently one of the nation’s fastest-growing institutions of higher learning, with an increasing student enrollment of more over 5000 students dispersed across 5 campuses.

10. Qatar Aeronautical College

Undergraduate tuition fee: $15,000

One of the first aviation colleges in the Middle East is Qatar Aeronautical College. Since its founding in 1977, the QAC has grown to be the foremost source of aviation education and training in the Gulf.

Its goal is to establish and enhance training opportunities and educational programs in order to produce a “generation of leaders in the area of civil aviation.” This low-cost university in Qatar offers full-time courses for a variety of professions, including pilots, aviation maintenance engineers, air traffic controllers, and meteorologists.

Depending on the needs of potential students, the college also provides a wide range of short-term courses.

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I hope that this article on cheapest universities in Qatar was helpful.


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