5 Cheapest Universities in Switzerland

Switzerland, apart from being a beautiful place also offers plenty of opportunities for studying when compared to other European countries. lets look at cheapest universities in Switzerland. Apart from being the bank of the world, it has come up with the latest opportunities in academics for both students of the city and international students.

The government has made it possible for the students to enroll in the program for low tuition fees. The cheapest universities in Switzerland offer even different programs.

So, when international students are planning to enroll in any of the cheapest universities in Switzerland, they can choose from plenty of options.

Current top destination among students

Switzerland is among the top-destinations where students wish to enroll for this degree program at low tuition fees. The different university is available that are scattered throughout the city. The universities have programs both at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Admission for the Swiss universities

Getting Admissions to universities in Switzerland can be tough for international students. To help you accomplish your goal, we’ve prepared a guide on language requirements, application requirements, the application process, and student visa application. Check it out if you are interested!

Affordable Universities in Countries near Switzerland

There are many countries near Switzerland that have affordable universities.

Cheap Universities in Switzerland

1.The American Graduate School of Business

  • Language in which lecture is given –English
  • Tuition fees for the students – ($300 to $61000) per semester

The American Graduate School of business is among the new business universities that have come up in Switzerland. This cheap university in Switzerland is offering plenty of opportunities in academics to the students at a low priced.

The university has both undergraduate and postgraduate degree program that is also available for the international students.

Therefore, the program offered by the university enables the students to study in a working environment and explore better options. With the program, it will be easy for the students to get suitable jobs in their desired field.

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2. Franklin University Switzerland

  • Language in which lecture is given –English
  • Tuition fees for the students – $700 to $22000 per semester

When looking for low tuition Fees University in Switzerland, this is a suitable option. It offers many academic programs across graduate degree programs. In addition to this, the university also makes it easy for international students to enroll at a low price with this place.

It emphasizes liberal arts and interdisciplinary rules. Most of the courses at the university are taught in the English language.

There are also courses available in culture and literature, film and others. Therefore, to pursue the program of your choice, this university is a suitable option to enroll with low fees.

3. University of Bern

  • Language in which lecture is given –English
  • Tuition fees for the students – Switzerland and international students ($700) + Additional fees for international students ($200) per semester

This cheap university in Switzerland is located in the Swiss capital of the city. It is consistently ranked among the top 200 universities. The university has made a record top Nobel Laureates in Chemistry and medicine.

For the ones who are planning to specialize in Pharmacy and medicine, this university is among the cheapest ones in Switzerland. Even, the business and economy faculty is worthy of appreciation.

To make it easy for international students, it is better if they start living in Switzerland before applying to the universities. Therefore, it can be said that average tuition fees of $29, which is cheaper compared to other universities.


4. University of Geneva

  • Language in which lecture is given –French
  • Tuition fees for the students – In the academic year, students have to pay $500
  • Tuition fees for one school year – The fees are $1000

Founded during 1559, this university is known for producing qualified professionals from different programs. It has almost 16000 students along with 6000 staff. For this, it is known among the top-rated global hub for the researchers.

The main aim of the university is to offer top-notch education in programs like law, political science, social sciences, economics, psychology and humanities. So, if city students and international students are trying to pursue higher education in any of the above said programs, it will be suitable to enroll in this university.

Therefore, this is one of the best universities since the 17th century that is offering different programs at a low cost.

5. ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich

  • Language in which lecture is given –English
  • Tuition fees for the students – Both Switzerland and international students ($600) per semester + compulsory fees of $100.

With 16 departments, it is offering better academic education opportunities to the students. Both the students of the city along with international students are able to enroll for the program of their choice from the above said university.

Located at Zurich, it is easy to easily reach this cheap university in Switzerland. It is ranked at the 10th position in the list of Times World Rankings in 2018. It has produced many successful results of Nobel Laureates in different departments such as medicine, chemistry, physics and others.

After its inception in 1985, it has come a long way and listed among the low tuition fees university in Switzerland. However, the average fees for an academic year are near about $1700.

Therefore, the tuition fees offered by the universities in Switzerland are among the lowest one when compared to others in the city.

This will be easy for both the students of the city and international students. So, students should go through the list mentioned above when planning to get enrolled in the best universities charging low tuition fees for different programs.

Also, both high educational standards and excellent research opportunities make it suitable for the students to enroll with the cheapest universities in Switzerland and pursue the program of their choice.

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