Review of 7 Cheapest Universities in Latvia for International Students

It is not appropriate to compare Latvia to other European nations. However, the national economy is currently growing quickly. As a result, this northeastern country provides high-quality education for foreign students, and their tuition costs are relatively reasonable when compared to those of other nearby nations. Since their cost of living is 35% lower than that in the US, Latvia is a popular choice for international students seeking a top-notch education. I will be writing on cheapest universities in Latvia for international students listed in this article.

How much is the tuition fee for Latvian universities?

The university tuition fee for Undergraduate degrees cost around $1,919 to $6,000 a year but Post-graduate education is more expensive, as it can reach up to $18,000 annually.

What are the admission requirements for foreign students?

A high school transcript, an application form, and confirmation of matriculation are required for applicants for baccalaureate degrees. To be accepted into any university, the applicant must additionally pass the admissions test. The same standards apply to postgraduate applicants, and a bachelor’s degree rather than secondary education is required.

Cheapest Universities in Latvia for International Students

1. University of Liepāja

In 1954, the University of Liepja was established as a public university. The university has four faculties: Management & Social Sciences, Science & Engineering, Humanitarian Sciences & Arts, and Pedagogy & Social Work. It is located in the western Latvian district of Liepja. However, the degree program only offers European Language, Computer Science, and Information Technology to international students. The institution contains institutes for studying Humanities, Science & Innovative Technologies, Management Sciences, and Educational Sciences. Additionally, the university provides tuition cost discounts that vary from 5 to 10%.

Minimum annual tuition fee: $2,569 (EUR 2,200)

2. University of Daugavpils

A teacher’s college, Daugavpils University was founded in 1921. It is a public university. Currently, the university’s main campus is located in Daugavpils, in southeast Latvia. The university’s motto is “Scientia Vinces,” which translates to “you conquer with knowledge.” The university is divided into five faculties: humanities, social sciences, natural sciences & mathematics, music & arts, and education & management. There are also numerous institutes at the university, including the Center of Lithuanianistics, the Center of Russian Language and Culture, the Oral History Center, the Regional German Language and Country Studies Center for Further Education, the Guntis Liberts Innovative Microscopy Centre, the Institute of Ecology, the Institute of Systematic Biology, and the Institute of Ecology.

Minimum annual tuition fee: $2,569 (EUR 2,276)

3. Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences

The Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences, popularly known as the Vidzemes Augstskol, is a university in Latvia. It is located in Valmiere, the biggest city in Vidzeme, and was established in the year 1996.

The faculty of Engineering and the faculty of Society and Science are the two faculties that make up the university.
The university offers master’s degrees in Business Environment Administration, Cybersecurity Engineering, Media & Information Literacy, Strategic Communication & Governance, and Virtual Reality & Smart Technologies, among other post-graduate courses. The university also offers Ph.D. programs in Sociotechnical Systems Modeling and Economics & Business.

Minimum annual tuition fee: $2,574 (EUR 2,406)

4. Ventspils University of Applied Sciences

This low-cost institution was established in 1997; it is located in northwest Latvia. With three faculties—the Faculty of Economics and Management, which offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Business Administration, the Faculty of Translation Studies, which provides courses in intercultural communications—it is one of the more affordable universities in Latvia for international students. The Faculty of Information Technologies offers degrees in Computer Science and Electronics. The Faculty of Economics and Management is the second. The institution also houses four centers: the Ventspils International Radio Astronomy Centre, the Centre for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development, and the Technology Transfer Centre of Kurzeme.

Minimum annual tuition fee: $1,919 (EUR 1,700)

5. Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies

Locally, this university is often referred to as the Latvijas Lauksaimniecbas universite or LLU. The Jelgava Academy of Agriculture was founded in 1936, however up until 2018, it was known as the Latvia University of Agriculture. There are eight faculties at the university, including the faculty of Economics and Social Development, which offers courses in economics, business studies, entrepreneurship, business management, and financial management. There are also other faculties that make up the university system, including the faculties of agriculture, environment & civil engineering, forest, food technology, engineering, and veterinary medicine.

Minimum annual tuition fee: $1,919 (EUR 1,700)

6. EKA University of Applied Sciences

the university in Latvia’s capital city of Riga. The accreditation to operate this university, which was established in 1998, came in 2001. The university is one of 160 universities from 14 Baltic Sea countries that make up the Baltic University Programme.

The university is a recognized member of a number of organizations, including the Latvian Association of Private Universities and the Higher Education Export Association of Latvia.

Management, IT, and business administration are all included in the university’s English-language academic offerings.

Minimum annual tuition fee: $2,371 (EUR 2,100).

7. University of Latvia (Latvijas Universitāte)

The University of Latvia is situated in Riga, Latvia. The university was founded in 1919 as the Higher School of Latvia.

The university provides undergraduate and graduate programs in the following disciplines: computer science, business, economics, management, education, psychology, art, geography, earth sciences, history, philosophy, law, medicine, humanities, and social sciences.
According to Impact Rankings, the institution is ranked 59th.

Minimum annual tuition fee: $2,569 (EUR 2,200)


This article introduced you to some of Latvia’s most affordable universities. This wonderful nation has a low cost of living, which attracts international students. In terms of education, Latvia is a lovely and rising nation. This nation will soon be recognized as having one of the best educational systems in the world.

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