Review of 7 Cheapest Universities in Estonia for International Students

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Find out more about the top 7 cheapest universities in Estonia for international students. The cost of living, scholarships offered in Estonia, tuition costs, and links to the official university websites are all covered in this article on the best and least expensive institutions in Estonia. Before making any comments or posing any queries regarding any of the most cheap colleges in Estonia, kindly take the time to read the full article.

The Country, Estonia

Northern European country Estonia is little but formidable, and it has a world-class educational system that is continuously growing. In terms of the educational system, it is a superb place, especially when it comes to the least expensive university for international students. Despite Estonia’s small size and low population, many international students are now choosing some of the most affordable universities as their study places. Its economy is one of the ones that is growing the fastest in the entire planet. For this reason, I’d like to give you a summary of cheapest universities in Estonia for international students 2022.

This country benefits from an open government, a robust healthcare system, and a cutting-edge educational system. International students will receive more experience in a stable and developed nation like Estonia if they choose to attend one of the cheapest universities in Estonia. The fact that Estonia’s government is generally open, that healthcare and education are both free, that there is a thriving I.T. sector, and that a wide variety of e-services are accessible is one of the benefits it can provide to international students looking to enroll in one of its affordable institutions.

Let’s Look at Cheapest Universities in Estonia For International Students

Since Estonia’s oldest university was established in 1632, we may assume that higher education has been around for four centuries and has experienced gradual systemic changes. We place more emphasis on quality than quantity when talking about the least expensive university in Estonia. In Estonia, there are three renowned, comprehensive public institutions and six private universities.

There are ten public universities in Estonia, each of which specializes on a distinct area of study (arts, applied sciences, or life science etc). Even though there are scholarships and other incentives to go, some students may be discouraged by the lack of universities in the area. Although both young and old, boys and girls, speak English, Estonian is their official language. The Russian language is spoken in various locations, and it is also taught as a course.

Regardless of whether their country is a member of the European Union, international students are allowed to attend any program in Estonia for free. A given academic year’s tuition fees for overseas students range from USD 1000 to USD 6000. However, some private institutions and programs are exempt from this; for instance, some business schools and other fields of study, such as medical, may hike tuition to USD 13,000 year.

Documents Needed To Study in Cheapest Universities in Estonia

To study in Estonia, you will be required to provide the following important documents to study at any cheapest university in estonia:

  1. Recent photos
  2. Birth certificate
  3. Passport or National ID card
  4. Academic transcript
  5. Letter of intent
  6. Curriculum vitae
  7. Copies of past diplomas
  8. Reference letter from past employers

Prove of English skills

To register for classes as an international student, you must present a language certificate. Students have the choice of taking the IELTS or the C1 Advanced language certification. Students must meet the minimal language requirement set by the university, which shouldn’t be more than one to two years old. If you don’t have the necessary language proficiency, you must complete an English preparation course.

Cost of Living and Tuition Fees in Estonia

Living Cost in Estonia

If you plan to enroll in one of Estonia’s cheapest universities, you should be aware that living costs are considerably cheaper than those in other European countries. The majority of persons who have visited Estonia think that living expenses there are similar to those in Western Europe. The cost of living in Estonia is entirely determined by how students wish to live their lives, so it depends entirely on personal preferences, student lifestyle, and spending patterns.

Accommodation in Estonia

Let me start by reminding you that Estonia uses the Euro (€) as its official currency. The location and caliber of the required lodging are the two most important factors to take into account while selecting a place to stay in Estonia. The monthly rent for a private apartment ranges from €200 to €510, while the monthly cost for a dorm is €80 to €150. In order to relieve the stress of finding housing for international students, almost all Estonian schools are eager to help them settle into their resident halls.

Food Cost

Food is a crucial consideration when traveling to study. You must keep in mind to reflect on it later. It is helpful that each student is able to cover their own lunch costs. University cafeterias are also available, and they are less expensive than school cafeterias (s). The daily food allowance is between three and six euros.

Tuition Fees in Estonia Universities

When deciding whether to study in Estonia, one of the most important factors to consider is the cost of tuition. The amount of tuition you will pay at an Estonian university will directly depend on the level of study you enroll in, the degree you wish to pursue, and the university you pick. Additionally, the cost will vary depending on the nation from which you are applying, as some colleges in Estonia charge different tuition fees to students from the EU and those from outside the EU.

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Master Degrees in Estonia University

How to apply for master degree in Estonia

It is a great choice to apply for a master’s degree in Estonia, and you will need to acquire a few documents to be able to study for a master’s degree at any Estonian university. Universities will require you to submit a personal statement, detailed information about yourself, and details regarding your past education and employment.

Deadlines For Master Degree Application in Estonia

Master’s degree deadlines in Estonia often fall between June and July or January and February. Not all Estonian universities have the same application deadlines, so you can apply anytime you want to those that don’t. However, it is advised that you send your documents in advance to prevent delays.

Link to: University of the People

PhD and Exchange Studies

Programs in Doctoral field are free in Estonia; Students doing PhD can take advantage of doctoral allowance.

Scholarships in Estonia

The government of Estonia gives international student the opportunity to apply for any scholarship of their choices who wish to apply for extra support from the government.

Conditions When Applying for Scholarship

  • The scholarship is usually for 1 year meaning it only covers 12 calendar months unless the student is in final year it will take 10 months and not the normal 12 months.
  • The applicant will be a full-time study student not part-time studies and the coursework must be 75% completed in each year to be eligible
  • The scholarship amount may not be more than EUR350 per month for master degree and Bachelors program
  • The scholarship is applicable to courses taught in Estonia language only
  • Student doing PhD and are also receiving allowances are not qualified for the scholarship scheme.

Documents Required For the Scholarship Scheme

There are some essential documents you must used to apply for the scholarship;

  • You will summits an application form and motivational letter online
  • Admission affirmation from a higher institution scholarship
  • Any of ID-card or applicants passport

Application time is always between April and May.

Review of the 7 Cheapest Universities in Estonia for International Students

1. Tallinn University

Tuition fee ranges from USD 1,000- USD2500 per semester.

Tallinn University is the first of the cheapest universities in Estonia for international students we’ll discuss is in the center of Estonia, or more specifically, in the nation’s capital. Tallinn University was initially established in 1919, although it only achieved full university status in 2005.

Tallinn University has several schools, including those for communication, humanities, educational sciences, natural sciences and health, government, law, and society, digital technologies, and film, media, and the arts (TU). It is a center of excellence and a research facility.

The number of students at TU is substantial, ranging from 7,500 to 8,000, with roughly 9% of them being international. Over 8% of the TU student body is made up of over 8,000 international students.

For bachelor’s degree programs, tuition prices for international students range from EUR 1,650 (about USD 1,800) to EUR 2,000 (around USD 2,200) per semester. The cost of master’s programs ranges from EUR 913 (about USD $1,000) to EUR 2,250. (USD 2,500 approx.)

2. University of Tartu (UT)

University link: University of Tartu

Tuition at the University of Tartu ranges from USD 4,200 to USD 13,150 per year.

University of Tartu comes next on our ranking of the cheapest universities in Estonia for international students. The largest, oldest, and top-ranked university in Estonia is UT. During the Swedish Empire, the Academia Gustaviana, or University of Tartu, was founded in 1632. The University of Tartu was established in 1919 following several reformations.

The University of Tartu is the top university in Estonia and comes in at number 301 in the QS World University Ranking. Its buildings may be seen all across Tartu.

Tartu University has four main faculties: arts and humanities, medicine, science and technology, and medicine. In their faculties, there are numerous distinct kinds of schools and institutes.

The majority of the nation’s research is conducted at UT.

UT tuition rates range from EUR 3,800 (about USD 4,200) to EUR 6,000 (about USD 6,570) every academic year, with the exception of the medicine degree, which costs EUR 12,000 (approximately USD 13,150) each year.

Link to tuition fees 2021

3. Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech)

Per academic year, TalTech tuition fees range from USD 4,900 to USD 9,000.

One of Estonia’s most reasonably priced institutions is TalTech. Founded in 1918, TalTech is one of Estonia’s premier universities.

Tallinn is home to TalTech’s main campus, which includes numerous others. Additionally, the institution has two satellite campuses in Tartu and Kohtla-Järve. The four divisions of the school are science, engineering, business, and information technology. The facility also has a marine academy and four institutes.

30 English-taught programs are available at the college, leading to 16 master’s degrees, four bachelor’s degrees, and ten doctoral degrees. Additionally, it consists of a marine academy and four institutes.

30 English-taught programs are available at the college, leading to 16 master’s degrees, four bachelor’s degrees, and ten doctoral degrees. Along with that, it collaborates with other Estonian schools to offer two master’s degree programs.

Their tuition is calculated by the number of credits. The cost of tuition for courses taught in English ranges from EUR 55 (USD 60) to EUR 100 (USD 110) per credit, or EUR 3,600 to EUR 6,670 if you take 60 credits per academic year. There may be an additional charge at some of the schools, ranging from EUR 1,200 (about USD 1,315) to EUR 3,000. (approximately USD 3,300). Tuition is frequently waived for students from the European Union

4. Esonian Academy of Arts (EKA)

The annual tuition at EKA runs from USD 1,100 to USD 4,300.

Among other artistic disciplines, a public university called the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA) provides specialized degree programs in design, architecture, conservation and restoration, history, fine arts, media, and animation. It is located in Tallinn, the country of Estonia.

Two doctoral programs and eight master’s degree programs are offered at a reduced cost by the Estonian Academy of Arts (EKA). Additionally, it offers a Russian-taught bachelor’s degree program.

For non-EU citizens, the cost of tuition per year ranges from EUR 1,000 (about USD 1,100) to EUR 3,900. (around USD 4,300)

5. Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (EUAS)

Tuition rates per year are expected to range between USD 3,500 and USD 5,000.

The Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences (EUAS), a private institution, was established in 1992. It is located in the nation’s capital’s Ülemiste City business park.

Students at EUAS have access to programs leading to both bachelor’s and master’s degrees. English, Russian, and Estonian are just a few of the languages in which the courses are available.

In terms of partnerships, EUAS is a university in the area that is willing to connect students with businesses depending on their course work.

6. Estonian Business School (BS)

From USD 2,500 to USD 3,900 is their tuition fees per semester.

Estonian Business School (EBS), which was founded in 1988 is good for international student in business field. It is outstanding when talking about business schools internationally and its programs has international accreditation.

In addition to offering two bachelor’s degrees in a variety of subject areas, EBS also offers two two-year master’s degree programs and a one-year master’s program.

In order to provide its students with access to their programs, EBS also runs a Training Center and has worked with more than 70 institutions throughout the globe. Finland’s Helsinki is home to a second campus of EBS.

Every semester, the tuition for EBS ranges from EUR 2,300 (about USD 2,500) to EUR 3,200 (around USD 3,500). An EBS master’s degree cost between EUR 2,750 (about USD 3,000) and EUR 3,500. (About $3,900 USD).

7. Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMÜ)

EMÜ Tuition Fee ranges From USD 1,150 to USD 4,815 per semester.

The Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMÜ), which has its headquarters in Tartu, is a leader in agricultural and environmental research. It is the best university for forestry and agriculture.

The five institutes include technology, agricultural and environmental sciences, forestry and rural engineering, and economic and social sciences. They also include veterinary medicine and animal sciences.

The semester tuition for programs taught in English ranges from EUR 1,050 to EUR 4,400.

Practical Information

Audentes School encourages applications from abroad. Here are some useful suggestions to keep in mind before you arrive to help you plan your time spent studying and living in Tallinn.

You will receive the enrollment certificate you need to apply for a study visa or a temporary residence permit after the admissions process is complete. You can find all the information you need to apply for a student visa right here.

Audentes School has a dormitory for International Students, but this should be booked several months before your arrival. To book a place at the dormitory contact The Head of Dormitory Dormitory also offers Mealplans.

Student, who has been accepted to Audentes International School, should make sure to have a valid health insurance policy during their studies in our school.

Note; You can also find out why you should study abroad as an international student.

For those doing Doctoral degree programs, it is completely free for indigene and non-indegene, and many scholarships opportunities are available for international students.

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