Why it is Very Important for Undergraduate Students to Start Building their CGPA From Year One

Do you know that to meet up with certain desired results as undergraduate student you must start early to plan how you will achieve it? Your CGPA building is not a year’s job, not to talk of a day, so start early enough using this guide.

Wikipedia defined CGPA as the process of applying standardized measurements of varying levels of achievement in a course. Grades can be assigned as letters, as a range, as a percentage, or as a number out of a possible total. In some countries, grades are averaged to create a grade point average.

Many people has offered suggestions concerning Nigerian grading system in higher level of learning. All training institutes, must have a special system of accessing the performances of its students; it is not only particular to certain. Grading system is a form of assessment tool used to investigate someone’s ability after putting him or her through training.

Some institutions or organisations use other assessment means; but different grading systems address different problems and serve certain purposes or objectives. Since different people suggested which grading system to use and at what situation, some people just wake up to pick any format and use without investigating the original purpose the system was meant to serve.

What you need to know about CGPA

CGPA is what shows you if you have been disciplined enough to study hard or comprehend what you have learn so far. It used in all institutions in the country from polytechnic to colleges and even universities. Other lower institutions of learning have their own grading systems like that of WAEC, NECO or GCE.

Some undergraduate students wait until Fina in the higher institutions to use their projects and seminars to catapult their CGPA high, what were you doing since year one? Most of the time you will get disappointed especially if your supervisor doesn’t like you at all. This is a major reason you should start early to build your CGPA from year one.

Academic Performance

Before a student succeed, know the faculty he or she is studying under has the tenacity to retain best trainers or educators. You do not employ junk graduates and expect results because you cannot give what you do not have.

Nigeria education ministry likes to center on the fact that their students should always strive for academic excellence but they forget the fact that foundation matters. Who are you employing to teach these students, how qualified are they?They tend to forget to tackle the main problem of low academic performance.

Some high schools and colleges  in Nigeria take it upon themselves to reward academic excellence. Some students still manage to go through this tough terrain despite discouraging situations, I salute their courage, I was one of them too. You too can do it. My own case, I was only given other awards, and not scholarship.

Figurative Definition of CGPA

CGPA which mean Cumulative Grade Point Average in full is your academic performance from 0.00–4.00, calculated as an average of your GPA from all completed terms/semesters.

In higher education setting, grading means applying standardized measurements to have a proof of what a student made in a particular course; it ranges from A to D currently in Nigeria. It is averaged and cumulative derived to get the CGPA, which can be gotten when a student must have completed not less than 2 semesters of studies.

How Is CGPA Calculated – Very Important

CGPA can be calculated by dividing your total grade points by the total number of credit hours of all courses offered in all semesters. I said earlier that you can only calculate your CGPA if you have done at least 2 semesters.


The Need To Start Building Your CGPA From Year One

Build your CGPA early enough because no one knows how it will turn out to be as you climb the academic ladder. It is much easier and simpler in year one compared to year 3 or final year.

Even when the hustling and bustling of the year one university days get in the way, please always make out time to go for night classes and study. Some students are very brilliant to the point that they only need to sit in class and listen or glance through their study materials and everything will just settle in, others need more hardwork and struggles.

Comprehension levels are not the same, stop following other brilliant students to jeopardize your results. If you are aiming for first class or second class honours, please put more effort in year one and keep it up, the sky will be the beginning for you.

In Summary

To conclude, CGPA is the measure of academic performance in tertiary institutions in Nigeria. All students are expected to be given the orientation of the need to aim for a higher CGPA. Their guardians or parents also have a lot of work to do to influence this as well.

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